Who Else Wants to Master Modes on Guitar?

I hope everyone is having a great Summer! 

By far, the most requested topic I have been asked to cover is scales, improvisation and how to master modes on guitar. 

I’m just now putting the finishing touches on a whole new course on those topics!

The course is almost ready, put your email below to be notified first when it opens!

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This new course on scales and modes will open in batches with limited spots. Register below and you will be notified first!

Scales and Modes on Guitar: The Most Requested Lesson

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback in our ongoing survey. As you can see in the chart below Modes (including scales) was the most requested lesson with more than a thousand votes in this survey:

Modes on Guitar
Results from Guitar Hacks’s ongoing “What lesson next?” survey

In the theory section of our survey, learning how to master modes on guitar got the most votes, followed by harmony and composition. Music theory, if approached in the right way, can open up a lot of new possibilities on the guitar.

There are some great topics to explore that fall under this category. Like the creative process, composition, how to stay motivated and tips for measuring progress.

I’m just now putting the finishing touches on this video lesson. So leave your email above and I will contact you when I’m ready to enroll the first batch of students.

About Guitar Hacks

Guitar Hacks is more than just a “guitar instruction” site. It’s a community. It’s interactive and evolving; I want to give you the best experience possible. We’re here because we want to become better players and get the skills to conquer whatever we’re struggling with.

That’s why your feedback is so important. Thanks Again!

Stay safe,

Notable Replies

  1. Kiko is nearly done on recording a new Guitar Hacks course on scales and modes!

    We can use this thread to share ideas and comments, we can still influence the content of the course if there’s anything you would like to see in particular,

  2. Follow this link back to the blog and leave your email if you want to be notified before the course opens publicly.

  3. Hello! Great I think it would really interested me. What is difficult for me is to choose the chords that will make my solo sound more like this or another mode. Its to make the link between chords and modes ! (Hope you’ll understand m’y Bad english :laughing:)
    Well I think whatever Kiko will do it will be really interesting ! looking forward to hear about it.

  4. Count me in…always a mystery to know which mode will fit and where on the fret board to utilize it.

  5. Hi, I have a question. If I register to be part of the Modes course, will I have access to the other Guitar Hacks courses or will I have to wait untill they reopen their camp and then register? Thanks in advance, looking foward to be part of the community! Cheers!

  6. This would be amazing, another tool that can expand knowledge to create songs or understand the covers we love to play to so we can improvise with the right mode/escale. They way Kiko explains is so clear and funny that is really motivating because you know you will actually learn. Thank you Kiko, looking forward for this new material!!

  7. Welcome to the community @vicente.augusto!
    Good question, the modes course is a standalone course so you will have to wait until the technique course (Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy) re-opens later in the year.

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