Online Guitarist Community and Peer Learning

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What is Peer Learning and Why is it Important?

Peer learning can be defined as 'students learning from and with each other in both formal and informal ways'. Here the emphasis is on the learning process, including the emotional support that learners offer each other, as much as the learning task itself.

For example, research study from Stanford University (https://tomprof.stanford.edu/posting/418) concluded that students learn best from each other.

At Guitar Hacks students, we are responsible for our own success, but we also have a hand in the success of our fellow students. Through peer-to-peer teaching, students are encouraged to communicate with each other, set goals, and hold each other accountable for the success of the group.

Benefits of peer-to-peer learning include:

  • Direct interaction with other students to promote active learning.
  • Peer teachers will reinforce their own knowledge by instructing others.
  • Peer accountability and community results in reduced dropout rate.
  • Students are more comfortable and open interacting with each other.

Online Guitarist Community and Peer Learning:

The Guitar Hacks online community includes many diverse profiles from all other the world. Thanks to the internet, it is not limited in size, and as such, can grow considerably.

One of the ways we can use peer learning to support other students online at Guitar Hacks is by posting in the comments section under individual lessons and courses.

To maximize your progress and maintain momentum with your practice, do not hesitate to communicate with Kiko and other students by:

  • Reporting any bug, typo or mistake in the video, text or tabs.
  • Asking for clarification on anything you’re having difficulty with or are unclear of.
  • Asking for help if you're feeling frustrated or stuck on a passage or lesson.
  • Sharing your successes and progress openly.
  • Proposing course improvements, ideas or variations on exercises.

Comment levels and rewards for active community members:

You can notice in all comment sections that username of commenters have a badge next to them to show their rank in this ladder:

They are two ways to advance:

  • Post comments to earn points toward becoming Student, Strummer, Rock Star, Shredder and Guitar God badges in that order.
  • Receive upvotes from other users to earn Garage Band, Opening Act and Main Act badges.