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I want to help every guitar player be the best they can be without being held back by technique.

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  • Andy Andy says:

    I would specifically like to know the most effective way to practice scales

  • Memorization of note names across the fretboard, and how to build scales and mode using theory. Then how to peice them together to compose.

  • Miguel Miguel says:

    It would be interesting to talk about the differences between playing when sitting down vs standing up. For myself, I find it quite challenging to have the same comfort when playing standing up then when I am sitting down. Any tips would be welcome.

    Thank you.

  • Shawn Shawn says:

    I would like to see more lessons on using the tremolo bar – not necessarily divebombs, but the subtle things when doing legato lines and what not.

  • Hi Kiko,
    Do you use economy picking?

  • carlos carlos says:

    How find inspiration those days that you feel bored play guitar? (More mental lesson that practice lesson)

  • I’m not a monetary person, my goal on guitar it’s to find my own inner voice. Not to become millionaire selling generic music. And communicate and transmit what I feel And I don’t know how to achieve that. You have that song Escaping, and when the last taping part it’s coming I really feel that kind of escaping feeling it’s like a moment when everything breaks down. I don’t know if that was your idea of the song. But you know what I mean.

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  • Hi Kiko, how to introduce the guitar to kids? Say 7/8 years
    Thank you 🙂

    • My son is 7 and he just started to play guitar, so far he is loving it, what I do to keep him motivate and interested in playing is make tabs from the music theme of his favorite cartoons or video games, I started easily with 1 string tabs, from there I started to teach him about notes, chords and even some technics used in this course as alternate picking, I think the most important is making it fun for them and motivate them to play at least a few minutes every day!

      Greetings from Sweden!

  • Tech a scale patern of g major pentatonic paterns and how to use this patterns

  • I’m a bigginers guitarest i want to improved my techniques

  • Thanks for all the comments and entries to the poll. We’re going come back with the results shortly, not surprisingly Technique remains the most requested topic but the details are interesting!

  • Peter Peter says:

    Hi! Hacks related to the songwriting process from beginning to end, from inspiration to revision would be awesome, cheers!

  • Roy Roy says:

    Songwriting and adding solos within the context of the song.

  • Brian Robert Brian Robert says:

    Hola Kiko, I would love to see a lesson on tone and gear. How to dial in good clean and metal tone on an amp and pedals etc. Obrigado.

  • Brian Robert Brian Robert says:

    As a follow up to the technique camp you could do a “Kiko licks course.” You could teach us licks that incorporate the techniques that we learned in camp. Teach all licks in the same key and provide a backing track. By combining all the licks together we could build a super solo!

  • Koosha Koosha says:

    Gallops and tremolo picking, more right hand stuff please! Pick slanting and whether Kiko changes his picking in different scenarios.

  • Marvin Marvin says:

    Reducing unwanted string noise at high volumes

  • I have seen some contemporary shredders use the right hand to make “tap harmonics” as part of a solo, and it sounds really cool. I was wondering if Kiko could cover the use of harmonics in solos.

  • Engin Atasay Engin Atasay says:

    Guitar music theory. Aligning chords and scales/modes. How to put together a rhythm and apply solos onto it…

  • Two things:
    1. basic hand techniques such as string muting, minimal movement, right hand and left hand positions etc.

    2. essential licks and riffs, such as licks that are used in most solos, short runs, etc so we can have a vocabulary of stuff to chain together when improvising solos

  • Jake Jake says:

    Theory and composition is difficult for me. I get intimidated with trying to learn what modes to put with what chords and their inversions, progressions, etc. Any guidance on learning this would be helpful.

  • I struggle with improvisation. My vocabulary is limited. Learning more songs and solos is probably my next step. Perhaps, in your next course, you could offer help and training in this area.

  • Bob Bob says:

    I am looking to get a better understanding of soloing over blues. Chasing the chords, and different approaches to be able to get creative as quickly as possible. (without sounding like i am constantly playing a scale)

  • Denney Denney says:

    best muting techniques how to really clean up solos

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