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I want to help every guitar player be the best they can be without being held back by technique.

I want YOUR opinion: Tell me, what guitar lesson you want covered next?

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  • Andy Andy says:

    I would specifically like to know the most effective way to practice scales

  • Memorization of note names across the fretboard, and how to build scales and mode using theory. Then how to peice them together to compose.

  • Miguel Miguel says:

    It would be interesting to talk about the differences between playing when sitting down vs standing up. For myself, I find it quite challenging to have the same comfort when playing standing up then when I am sitting down. Any tips would be welcome.

    Thank you.

  • Shawn Shawn says:

    I would like to see more lessons on using the tremolo bar – not necessarily divebombs, but the subtle things when doing legato lines and what not.

  • Philippe Philippe says:

    Hi Kiko,
    Do you use economy picking?

  • carlos carlos says:

    How find inspiration those days that you feel bored play guitar? (More mental lesson that practice lesson)

  • I’m not a monetary person, my goal on guitar it’s to find my own inner voice. Not to become millionaire selling generic music. And communicate and transmit what I feel And I don’t know how to achieve that. You have that song Escaping, and when the last taping part it’s coming I really feel that kind of escaping feeling it’s like a moment when everything breaks down. I don’t know if that was your idea of the song. But you know what I mean.

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  • Hi Kiko, how to introduce the guitar to kids? Say 7/8 years
    Thank you 🙂

    • My son is 7 and he just started to play guitar, so far he is loving it, what I do to keep him motivate and interested in playing is make tabs from the music theme of his favorite cartoons or video games, I started easily with 1 string tabs, from there I started to teach him about notes, chords and even some technics used in this course as alternate picking, I think the most important is making it fun for them and motivate them to play at least a few minutes every day!

      Greetings from Sweden!

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