Kiko's Complete Guitar Workout Strategy

Welcome to Kiko’s complete one hour per day guitar workout strategy.

This course includes 50 lessons covering:

  • Alternate picking
  • Sweep picking
  • Legato
  • Hybrid picking
  • and Tapping techniques. 


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How to divide your practice session time

Welcome to Guitar Hacks! You are taking the first step toward getting more out of your practice sessions. Here you have access to routines and tips designed to make every practice session count. You will achieve faster results with a focus on efficiency, self-awareness, and full control.

With Guitar Hacks you will make more progress in less time. Freeing you up for what’s really important: making music.   

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How to practice a challenging song

Get ready to take the frustration out of learning challenging songs or riffs. In this course, Kiko shows you his low-stress approach to effectively mastering even the most difficult-to-play musical passages.

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