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This page will always be kept updated with answers to the most frequently asked questions from the Guitar Hacks community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices do I need to access the courses?

This website is tested on desktop with Chrome and Safari and on iPhone and Android mobile devices. You just need a standard web browser to access this course online.

Can I download  videos from the courses?

No, the site is designed for streaming videos only.

Can I get a refund after ordering a course?

Yes, there's a 3 days money back guarantee, no question asked, just email support@guitarhacks.com.

What if I cannot play everyday or for one hour?

This is not a problem. Always keep in mind that consistency is the key. 1 hour every day is better than 7 hours on a Sunday. You can do 15min of fundamentals and musical every day. We can always find 15min breaks.

When will the next batch of students open?

The date is still to be defined. Kiko wants to interact with the current students, make sure everyone is making progress and refining the course before opening a new batch later in the year.

Now, your turn, please ask any question in the comment section below:

  • Marcos Gomez Marcos Gomez says:

    How to know if there are seats available?

  • Marcos Gomez Marcos Gomez says:

    Can I pay monthly or just one pay for the entire lessons? By the way, is really hard to find the “pay button” on the page.

    • Hi Marcos, it’s one pay for the entire lessons and no recurring charge after that. Thanks for the feedback on the pay button, you mean on the course page itself?

      • Marcos Gomez Marcos Gomez says:

        Yes, but it’s just my opinion haha. Right now you have to go to “Lessons Home” then “Start the course” then go to the “next lesson” and there you find the link to purchase the course and in the next page there is the precious “buy button”. There’s not a direct link anywhare. Regards!

  • Jatin Jatin says:

    Hi, I am an intermediate guitar player, would this course be too advanced for me? I have never done tapping on guitar, I am still learning ho/po technique. I have never tried hybrid picking. Please answer.

  • Sayan munshi Sayan munshi says:

    Do we need to renew subscription ? Is there a time frame after which we will not be able to view the lesson videos and get lesson tabs?

  • Devin Devin says:

    Will there be a lesson on vibrato?

  • Engin Atasay Engin Atasay says:

    Hi, I am a new member. Just joined today April 03, 2020. Very excited. I saw the ad that said “Online Guitar Camp: 50+ Video Lessons
    Limited time offer: Only 13 Spots Left”
    Was this an old ad? Did I make it into a camp? Or is it just the usual membership? I also would like to know where members get to ask questions or chat with Kiko or other members. Thank you.

  • Hola buenas tardes. Por favor quiero saber si el curso se paga completo o puede ser pagado mensualmente? Espero su pronta respuesta. Gracias.

  • David Harper David Harper says:

    The site has something about early access to upcoming lessons like theory, etc… if you purchase the course will you have free access to the upcoming content?

  • Los videos están en inglés y no se pude configurar al español !!!!

  • Me Suscribi a las lecciones de Kiko, por favor quiero saber como poner los subtitulos en español a los videos y en general de todo


  • @Giorgio do you think you can setup a message board still section on the page? As a way to have more general conversations and threads for all of us that may not involve a specific video?

    Thinking about things like Music Theory discussions, Guitar and Hardware chats or things like people discussing their tone, etc.

  • jose jose says:

    @Giorgio Regni Hi i am a new member and was wondering if there will be a sort of chat for members. in case we ant to contact someone privately.

  • Kike Araoz Kike Araoz says:

    hello i subscribed to the workout yesterday but i broke my arm so i won’t be able to play for 6 to 8 weeks. Do I need to ask for a refund? will it be available in 2 months? thank you

  • Emiliano Emiliano says:

    Are there tabs or sheets about exercises?
    Thank you.

  • Hi, I’ve just signed up today for Kiko’s course. It shows the lives on my list of lessons as being already held in March, April and May, but am I right in saying as a new subscriber, Kiko will be doing new lives as part of my course, starting next month? I’m not worried about any time zone differences, I will get up in the middle of the night to see him if I need to!! Super excited!

  • says:

    Im sorry, not sure where to do this.
    How can I cancel this membership ?

  • Will the refinements (if any) to the course be available to existing students?

  • Rahul Rahul says:

    When will enrollment start for the next batch of students wishing to take the 7 factor strategy course?

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