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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices do I need to access the courses?

This website is tested on desktop with Chrome and Safari and on iPhone and Android mobile devices. You just need a standard web browser to access this course online.

Can I download  videos from the courses?

No, the site is designed for streaming videos only.

Can I get a refund after ordering a course?

Yes, there's a 3 days money back guarantee, no question asked, just email support@guitarhacks.com.

What if I cannot play everyday or for one hour?

This is not a problem. Always keep in mind that consistency is the key. 1 hour every day is better than 7 hours on a Sunday. You can do 15min of fundamentals and musical every day. We can always find 15min breaks.

When will the next batch of students open?

The date is still to be defined. Kiko wants to interact with the current students, make sure everyone is making progress and refining the course before opening a new batch later in the year.

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