Mixing Guitar Techniques or Running with the Bull

Hey, Kiko here,

I just wanted to share this new play through video, “Running with the Bull” from my latest album, Opensource. This song is particularly interesting for Guitar Hacks students as it has a mix of all techniques. Tapping, sweeping, legatos, tremolo bar and also of course, alternate picking.

Mixing all Guitar Techniques

The best way to incorporate any guitar techniques in your own songs and solos is to practice them until they become effortless and part of your own musical vocabulary.

That’s why we practice. So we can play whatever technique or guitar lick with so much confidence and little effort that it seems like we’ve been playing it forever.

This requires discipline of course, but also focus, intent and strategy. Picking a guitar and noodling around or playing the same riffs and licks over and over again will never lead to any level of mastery.

If you haven’t watched it already, you can learn more about my practicing discipline in my video “The Secret to Rapid Progress”. You will learn how I structure my practice time in 5 distinct phases and consistently work on improving my technique.

Guitar Techniques & Workout Strategy

Currently my technique focused online course is not accepting new students.

This is going to change soon as we will open up again for around 100 new students in the coming weeks. Leave your email address here to be notified first when it opens up again!

Don’t forget it’s not just about WHAT your practice but HOW you practice! Time is precious and once you’ve spent it you don’t get it back.

So spend your practicing time wisely!


Notable Replies

  1. The 8 string is gnarly. Have to see what the low string is tuned to. Waiting for my 7 string to get some emg 81/85’s. This song is killer love intro, outro. Been practicing most the day. Bouncing from guitarhacks.com and my guitar. Thanks for the classes and inspiration.

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