The Secret To Rapid Progress: Structured Practice

Lesson 1

  • Thanks for all the content and effort you have put in to this. I look forward to working through all the content and am excited to see how the site grows.

  • Lea Gh Lea Gh says:

    Can’t wait to see more from this site! Gonna try the one hour workout. 🙂

  • the best! I need this workout package

  • Coffee with Ola sent me! Looking forward to improving with these videos 🙂

  • Gregory Gregory says:

    You’re awesome, Kiko. We love you.

  • Marc Marc says:

    Unbelievable guitar player with awesome knowledge! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is great! I’ve been ‘playing’ guitar for almost 25 years but really refocused the last 2 years and have been consistently putting in time. I’m hitting all sorts of plateaus along the way and this structured approach sounds like just what I need.

  • Ancor Amador Ancor Amador says:

    This is the kind of information I need, basic and fundamental, but critical at the same time.

  • Ardie Ardie says:

    Thanks for all the lessons. Been watching your YouTube channel for almost a year now and it has greatly helped me with practicing.

  • Lars Noldan Lars Noldan says:

    I’m here because I saw you on Coffee with Ola. Wanted to say that was a great interview. I’ve been playing for about 8 months, and want to improve both my playing but also how I practice.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me here.

  • What level of player is the course targeted at? Super interested but I’m pretty new.

    • Darragh Darragh says:

      Hi Mark, that’s a super question. Speaking as someone who is probably just an intermediate learning, this is really good for all levels but really great for a beginner as you don’t have to unlearn the bad habits you have picked up.

    • It works for beginners if you get the overall concept but don’t try to do a lot of different exercises choose a few and do the program. Don’t try to play beyond to beyond your level. It takes time. You also can do 30min instead of 1 hour and use the rest of the time to play songs, learn licks and enjoy music.

  • Kamil Kisiel Kamil Kisiel says:

    Really important advice, especially for those of us with limited time.

    • Exactly. And if you get the routine, you can do it in 15/30 min. Always fundamental movements, comfortable speed and out of the box. That’s what I do before a show, doing this routine using some solos or licks I will play on stage.

  • What if i dont have 60 minutes straight into a day? Will it work if i separate the phases into different moments of the day? (maybe phase 1 and 2 in the morning, and the others in the evening or night)
    Will it work the same or do i need to change something in the formula?
    PS: love your playing, especially No gravity!

    • You might be able to try cutting the time in half and doing two 30 minute practice sessions. I don’t think that splitting the entire exercise in half would be as beneficial. Maybe you could try something like:

      Fundamentals – 1 set of 5 minutes
      Musical Exercises – 2 sets of 5 minutes
      2 minute rest period
      OotP – 3 sets of 3 minutes
      OotB – 5 minutes

      Hope this helps and good luck!

      • I would do fundamental and musical exercises for 20 and get 10 min of plateau OR out of the box. Later you can do a quick fundamental ( 5 min) and musical (10 min ) and then go for plateau or out of the box. IF you want to develop speed use the Plateau exercises if you want to build freedom play the out of the box. Does this make sense?

  • Darragh Darragh says:

    I too watched your coffee with Ola and found your strategies to practicing simple, your approach is easy to comprehend and offers a transparent guide to improving the time you spend with the guitar without making it feel like an austere challenge. I actually shared your interview to a number of guitar sites, as I thought it would provoke some discussion around the way other guitarists approach the instrument. Thanks.

  • Long time fan! I’ve been playing for almost 19 years now but I believe there is always a way to improve your playing. Honestly, I’m baffled that I didn’t discover this website sooner, hah.

    I watched your interview with Ola and immediately headed here when it was done! It’s been a long break but I’m excited do jump back into the motions and start practicing for another year of touring and pushing myself even further!

  • Kamil Kisiel Kamil Kisiel says:

    Any specific advice for days where you have less than 1 hour total of practice time available?

  • Alan Alan says:

    Some background – I’m 57, recently “retired”. I played guitar when I was a kid, up to about 18 years old. Played mostly bars and nightclubs; my band mates were all 10 years+ my senior which helped me grow in some good ways and not so good. Guitar was stored (beautiful ’76 LPC) when I became a father early and I laser focused on earning a living. So here I am today. I have been trying a number of online courses, but when I saw this I just had to try and participate. I need to reinforce my fundamentals badly. Even my timing and rhythm are off (when I think about it anyway). I can still play a number of tunes I have learned over the past few months. Crazy Train, easy but the win was about half the time keeping up with Randy Rhodes on the awesome solo. Some SRV, Hendrix (complete with thumb), VH, Pink Floyd, and nearly bit on the Santana masterclass, just a little rich given my current situation. I really respect you for making the time to try and share your gift of awesomeness. Thank you!

  • Yuriy Yuriy says:

    Coffee with Ola was great. It’s impressive how simple and powerful your suggestions are

  • Jack Jack says:

    Watched your video ‘Coffee with Ola’ I was waiting long for Kiko to start one of his online courses for English audiences!

  • Niklas Niklas says:

    I’m really happy that there are guitarists that are interested in sharing their knowledge. I think I’m going to try out these methods! I’m also a huge fan of Megadeth and I’m thankful for your commitment!

  • Stu Stu says:

    Love the simple way you explain and structure it. Thanks, and good lukc with the tour 🙂

  • I think Kiko is one of the best guitar teachers in youtube..

  • Lukas Pechar Lukas Pechar says:

    Been following you Kiko for years now. Angra, your solo stuff. Always an inspiration. Thank for all the videos!

  • Is it just for solos or can it be for learning songs too?

    • Songs, solos, and riffs. In songs maybe it’s not necessary to play faster than the original but “out of the plateau” will help you to get to the song speed if necessary. You should try to improvise and create new ideas from the song you’re learning.

  • I want to thank you, Master Kiko, since I always look for material that would help me to practice, but in doing this I have not placed an adequate order, thanks for your effort, for providing such excellent material to people who want to improve every day, now that I have the opportunity to organize my way of study I will make the most of the time. I admire you like no other guitarist, greetings from Colombia a hug.

  • Theo Kee Theo Kee says:

    Thanks for your contributions Kiko, your teachings will be valuable.

  • I noticed I do something similar, but in 20-minute sections, for one hour a day. Warm-up (I’m older..), practice techniques, etc , then songs. Works okay, have to learn to slow down and do it correctly first, then move on.
    Zero musical background so this is very challenging for me. But thanks Kiko for your videos. It helps!

  • Awesome stuff! I really needed that, thanks a lot!

  • Alan Alan says:

    Do you think this routine can work if you have less than one hour to spend? Are there portions that can be shortened, or left off in these cases?

  • Yamama Yamama says:

    It’s actually one of the best arranged guitar sessions I’ve ever seen as I’m following you Kiko on instagram and YouTube and i really feel so more confident while using your tips and I’m really thinking about to get the access to the full course once i get a job , Thanks for the great effort ))

  • Mike Mike says:

    Your tip from Coffee with Ola about playing lightly and the way you hold your pick has already profoundly changed my playing. Thank you Kiko!

  • Richard Rose Richard Rose says:

    A buddy told me about you.and to check it out .
    So Here i am .thank you for creating this course …

  • Procrastinate, this is my problem. It involves emotions and my health. Got to focus or everything is wasted.

  • I practice by the intervals or numbers. The fourth note is a perfect fourth.

  • Jericho Jericho says:

    Well, i practice certain licks, like you said the more phrase im using i dropped my speed and i also forget the intervals.

  • Man, I have been seeing your videos on YouTube, I cant believe I never realised that my guitar idol has an online course. Thanks to coffee with Ola.

    Kiko you are amazing man.

  • levi paradox levi paradox says:

    Come trough from Ola’s channel.
    I’m very happy finally here is something very great valuable content.
    Looking Forward to see what happens with my playing when I do start to implement your advices.

    Cheers from London

  • John John says:

    I don’t know who Ola is, I love you man, since your first Angra album.Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Hello!

    I really like your comprehensive and time effective approach. I’ve been struggling for years to develop a proper practice routine since I’ve always been feeling overwhelmed on choosing what to focus on, since there is always so much stuff to learn or areas of improvement.

    This indeed makes it more easy.

    I do have some questions.

    I’m assuming once you are very comfortable playing some stuff, now you save it for revisiting it after this one-hour routine so you don’t lose it. Am I right? Or maybe you grab the guitar randomly along the day and play that stuff?

    Also, about the premium course. Are there lessons on how to use mods, different scales and similar things? Or is it mostly for technique development?

    Thank you!

  • odio las estructuras, pero por la guitarra hago lo que sea
    saludos desde chile

  • Erik Chavez Erik Chavez says:

    For my own notes, but here’s the summary:

    Basic Fundamentals (10 min) playing extra slowly.
    – Right-hand exercises 5 min
    – Left-hand exercises for 5 min

    Musical Exercises (20 min – 4 sets) at a challenging but comfortable tempo to expand vocabulary.
    – Pentatonics
    – Arpeggios
    – Phrases
    – Licks/Modes

    5-minute break to help you stay focused the next 25 minutes.

    Out of the plateau (15 minutes) playing fast
    – Increase speed and length of phrases in chunks of 3 minutes each.

    Out of the box (10 minutes)
    Apply all previously learned musical techniques and ideas into improvisation. Increase the speed of thought, the connection between hands and brain.

    Have fun!

  • Thank you for your great guitar plyaing.

  • I knew it was just a hook to buy this

  • Están los videos en inglés no se puede configurar a español???

  • John John says:

    How much time should one practice every day to become a professional guitarist?

  • daniel daniel says:

    hey kiko, quiero comprar el curso pero no se si los videos estan subtitulados al español, seria genial que respondas mi duda

  • Amazing things happening since we’ve met on Instagram, because the clouds in me make room for the 🌞 to shine through and I’m feeling happy and burdonless to transform my life story into lyrics and music 💃🏼

    I watched the ‘How to divide you’re time’ video, happy with that one because everything as told in the video is going to help me focus, overcoming my plateaus and recover from the rest signals of my burnout, all one gray clay mess up there. 😉🌞🌞🌞🤘

    One question for your Q&A: ‘do you have students or fellow musicians who are coping with discalculia and are there advices how to cope with discalculia musical wise?’

    Thank you in advance for answering my question and for all advices an making music fun, basic, structuring, peacefully and overviewing again 🌞👌🤘

  • Adam Bartz Adam Bartz says:

    I started taking notes as soon as the video started lol I wrote down the entire 4 phases word for word before I saw the chart kiko made

  • I think I will like this focused practice routine, it makes sense

  • Ron Ron says:

    Hey Kiko, since you are my favorite guutar player, i never thought about you being my teacher. Looks like a dream comes true. Unfortunately, i suffer from a lung desease and have to spent much time in machines and training, i cannot be here every day, but i do my best to improve my playing.
    Thank you so much …. love ya

  • Steve Austin Steve Austin says:

    Can’t believe…the results after a few days of including the simple pattern exercise..eg.the may G scale intervales WWHWWWH on each string in groups of three…my guitar teacher noticed my timing got better immediately…fundamentals is where it’s at for a new player like me. Thanks for sharing Kiko.

  • Charles Charles says:

    I am just going to practice the one hour thanks.

  • Alpha Julien Alpha Julien says:

    Very nice! Thank you Kiko for this great initiative and for your incredible teaching skills!
    Questions: Do you have to do it 1h/day minimum? What if you don’t have 1h/day? Can you scale it down to 30min/2 days or 3 times per week?

  • Is this approach recommended for supporting and slightly improving current level? Do I need practice exercises more than one hour as beginner?

  • Looking forward to this course. Been trying to find something to get out of my mid-life music crisis for sometime now! Between work and commute, traditional lessons aren’t possible with schedule, so I am happy to find something that I can reference and work at my own pace.

    Also, have to say that the LIVES were really great – been reading and listening and Kiko, you are only the second person I have seen describe the modes in parallel over a pedal tone rather than describing the different modes using the same scale. Still not sure how to apply – but going to work to get there!

    Hi to all other classmates – hope we can all take steps forward in our playing – maybe see you in the Chicago area in the spotlight one day?!

  • Muito obrigado! Os conteúdos me fazem melhorar a cada treino!

  • +Kiko,
    What up my friend? So exited to start playing again. I have been in a rut for awhile now. Love the new album, and the the cool stuff on Instagram. LET THE PLAYING BEGIN!!!!!

  • Goat Surgeon Goat Surgeon says:

    All righty, then
    This sound much better than grinding the whole hour building a chop up with a metronome and wearing my hand out everyday lol

  • Agustin Agustin says:

    Gracias Kiko! obrigado!!! sos un genio. Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento, me pone muy feliz. Agus de Argentina

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