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New Course: Complete Guitar Workout Strategy

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    Play anything you want, break through plateaus and express yourself without being limited by technique.
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    This guitar workout strategy is structured to create maximum results within a minimal amount of time. Keep yourself motivated to improve.  
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    Designed by a professional Grammy winning musician who has spent thousands of hours to create a system that does one thing: get results!

Learn from an Actively Touring Musician

5 Course Training Method that will get you real Results in Minimal Time.

Dividing Your Practice Time

Including study guide

Similar to training splits done by weight lifters, you'll divide your time to focus on what skills need the most work. 

Interact with Kiko himself

Community support

Get additional tips and tricks, motivation, and support directly from Kiko Loureiro! 

Alternate Picking

4 Full Workouts

Master clean, accurate alternate picking in this 4-day workout. 

Sweep Picking

2 Full Workouts

Become proficient in blistering sweeps spanning the entire fretboard. 

Tapping & Hybrid picking 

2 Full Workouts

Add some excitement by incorporating hybrid picking and tapping into your arsenal of skills. 


4 Full Workouts

Create effortless, liquid legato runs that go on for days upon completing this course. 

About Kiko Loureiro

Kiko has played guitar for over 25 years and has performed all over the world. He started teaching when he was just 16, and has given lectures, seminars and clinics in over 50 countries. He is co-founder of the acclaimed Brazilian heavy metal band Angra and is currently the lead guitarist of the legendary band Megadeth with which he won the "Best Metal Performance" Grammy Award for the song "Dystopia".

Kiko is also a very experienced teacher, and throughout his career has produced five different instructional videos. Lately he released seven online courses in Portuguese, transforming the playing and musicality of over 3000 students.

Kiko has also been an instructor as part of guitar camps from renowned musicians including
Allan Holdsworth, Paul Gilbert and in 2018 was part of the lineup of the G4 experience with Joe Satriani.

Why I decided to create this course?

I want to share my practicing strategies with you

“My goal for 2020 is to help as many guitar players as I can achieve the skills they need to be able to express themselves musically. To give them the ability to play what they want, and be creative without being limited by technique.”

Limited Spots

Each Class Limited to 100 Students to focus on quality and progress.

Access to a Private Community

  • Talk shop and interact with like-minded guitar players. 
  • Provide motivation and encouragement to others who are going through the Guitar Hacks workout. 
  • Direct responses to questions and concerns from Kiko Loureiro.
  • Live Video Q&A Event with Kiko once per month, next one in March. 


Early access to new courses

Guitar Hacks members will get early access to upcoming courses like:

  • Guitar Harmony 
  • Guitar Theory
  • and other Techniques.


Exclusive Bonus Lessons

Members get access to exclusive video lessons by Kiko Loureiro and we're committed to add lessons and improve the course based on your feedback. 

​Preview the Course and Join the Community

How to divide your time

Are you feeling Stuck? Learn to structure your practice routine and guarantee progress.

Practicing a challenging song

Watch Kiko practice a difficult song and apply his tips to master your own challenging riffs or solos. 

People powered

Keep yourself accountable and get peer support from a community of like minded guitar players.

Recent Student Testimonials

Highly recommended

Darren V.

I’ve been struggling with alternate picking but have finally noticed some real improvement by the time I finished Day 4 of the picking exercises.

Finally a different approach

Marc Hanson

I’ve been playing guitar for almost three decades and Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout helped me break out of the rut I’ve been stuck in for several years. The short, focused approach was exactly what I needed.


Alan Woodward

The interactive nature of this course is great. Its refreshing knowing that others are working right alongside me to accomplish improving as a goal.

Easier to connect with my guitar


Thanks for this awesome workout!
I'm doing this for 5 days now, and I can already feel a difference in my playing.
It's much more controlled and I have more precision.
And it's easier for me, to connect with my guitar, and improvise

Wow !

William M.

Thank you a lot for this awesome training strategy.
It is my first week with your method and I surprise myself noticing improvements already.

Bonus videos


I have not seen any teacher with this kind of involvement. Kiko you are like God to me.

One of the best guitar purchases I’ve ever made

Brian Robert

What is unique about this course is that Kiko not only tells you “what” to practice but he shows you “how” to practice it. This is where most courses fail IMO. The program gives you exercises to not only build killer technique but tools to create music with! One of the best guitar purchases I’ve ever made! Obrigado Kiko and your team!

Sweep vs alternate


1st exercise is already very effective. I had to focus on NOT sweeping those patterns and only use alternate picking.


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