How to practice a challenging song

2 Lessons

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Get ready to take the frustration out of learning challenging songs or riffs. In this course, Kiko shows you his low-stress approach to effectively mastering even the most difficult-to-play musical passages.

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How to practice a challenging song – Spread Your Fire

Using the solo from Angra’s “Spread Your Fire” as an example, Kiko walks you through his process of finding, isolating, then eliminating, areas of weakness on the guitar. This approach will help you break through barriers in your playing while fine-tuning your technique.


How to practice a challenging song – Great Stone Gateway

Expanding on the foundation built in Pt. 1, Kiko mixes things up by integrating the alternate picking, legato, and string skipping techniques from the blistering intro of “Great Stone Gateway” off Kiko’s solo album, Sounds of Innocence. Find your own challenging piece of music to use this practice approach on -- you will see some great results.