How Guitar Technique builds Confidence

All the time and effort we put into becoming better guitar players should ultimately amount to one thing: freedom. By that, I mean the freedom to play anything we want in front of anybody — and do it with confidence. I want to express to you that effortless technique is actually what gives us that confidence.

Technique for the sake of it

When I first started, I was mainly concerned with guitar technique for the sake of it, playing fast, and nailing those difficult solos from my favorite players. However, after I became a professional musician playing for large crowds, or important people, and spending time in the studio, I realized something: Yes, it is about the speed and technique — all of that. But more importantly, it‘s about being confident. 

What is confidence?

That doesn’t mean you won’t get nervous. You might get nervous because you’re playing in a big venue, or playing in front of one of your heroes or a label showcase, every situation is different. Confidence means that you can be sure you are going to deliver in the best way, no matter what that situation is. 

The role of practice

That’s why we practice. So we can play whatever song or lick with so much confidence that it seems like we’ve been playing it forever. Practicing is not a competition for who is the most fast or technical. It’s about getting out there and playing with confidence! 

Guitar technique is not just about speed or flash, it’s about building confidence.

Technique is important, but not just for playing fast and showing off. Technique gives us the freedom to play anything we want with the confidence to perform in front of anybody. Whether it’s in front of thousands of people, your significant other, or by yourself, that confidence is how we are able to give our best performance. Every time. 

This is actually why I created Guitar Hacks and my complete workout strategy course. To help as many guitar players achieve the skills they need to be able to express themselves musically.

  • Thank you for this Kiko. I’ve been working on a solo lick for the last week. I started off with very poor confidence like “I cannot do this… who am I trying to fool?” I remembered your tips on breaking apart pieces, establishing control, it not being a race, and most of all and more recently this note on confidence. What would have taken me months (with discouragement) to figure out has been taking me only days (with positivity and enjoyment). Thanks for all your wise words and videos which are helping make my practices more efficient and fun!

  • Yoav Elbaz Yoav Elbaz says:

    Thank you kiko really inspiring, never thought of it that way!
    Btw, your jaw line looks some defined its insane😂

  • Marc Hanson Marc Hanson says:

    Technique provides the tools and confidence builds the opportunities.

  • Thank you Kiko for the much needed advice brother. I am really enjoying the daily exercises that I’ve learned from you with noticable improvements. I believe I am ready to move on the next lesson from your Guitar Hacks website. I cant thank you enough for your support!


  • great point just don’t cross the fine line between confidence and sloppy arrogance been there done that in past but great point kiko

  • Engin Atasay Engin Atasay says:

    I would also add being able to enjoy your playing. Kiko made that comment in one other video…don’t get too overwhelmed and just enjoy your instrument at your current skill level as you keep trying to push your level up.

  • Nils Patrick Nils Patrick says:

    For me, the most important statement is that in a challenging situation you remember that you have already done the most important work by practicing. Many thanks for that Kiko!

    Because everybody knows the situation in which you only think about the near future, namely the performance, and all the things that can go wrong, maybe even went wrong during rehearsals.

    Why not transfer the practicing techniques from GuitarHacks.com to your own band? Difficult songs or parts can be rehearsed in the band just like we practice on our guitars.

    This course has helped me in this difficult time for professional musicians like me to have a clear path in front of me and to have the self-confidence to just keep going, to work on me and my music and therefore to be a better musician and also music teacher.

    And it showed me that you are never too good to have to practice basics… 🙂

  • So true … No matter if you are home with your guitar or on stage, it’s always you and your music (guitar)

  • Joe Joe says:

    Good deal Kiko. The more I practice, I feel like I am getting better. Some guitar techniques seem to come easier. Alternate picking, now is easy but what I have a harder time is moving around the fret board with my left hand. I like the song learning strategy too, because I practice the small parts and put it together in a song.

  • Murat Ozcan Murat Ozcan says:

    To play at high speed, we need to work on play at very low speed 🙂

  • Kedar K Kedar K says:

    Thanks….I am just beginning this course and this was an important message for me….too often I get impatient about achieving speed and abandon the routine….Now I know I’d much rather be patient and build confidence in a specific skill instead of just focusing on speed….Thanks Kiko!

  • Kiko, does this course has the same content as the course in Portuguese? Thank you.

  • Art Kalenda Art Kalenda says:

    Totally agree!!! Definitely can make or break you! Seen many great players fall on their face being unprepared!! Prepare,practice,execute and deliver.Thanks Kiko!!!

  • Dan Kobishop Dan Kobishop says:

    Kiko gives absolutely spot on advice. Confidence is key in anything one tries to accomplish in life. Great advice.

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