Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Sebastián Caldas

In the Guitar Hackers Spotlight series, we get to know our fellow students. Each one of you has a fascinating story that deserves to be heard and we’re grateful to be a part of your guitar journey.

Sebastián Caldas

Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Sebastián Caldas

My name is Sebastián Caldas, I am a classical guitarist born in Uruguay, but lived most of my life in Sweden.

At 13 I started playing electric guitar and soon I came in contact with the music of Megadeth. A couple of years later, I started a band and played my own music; Black Sabbath, and Megadeth covers — the ones with less complicated solos :). 

Megadeth became my favourite band and I have always dreamt of playing some of their spectacular solos. I continued the classical guitar path and pursued a bachelor and master degree in that field. I did not have time to practice electric and I almost stopped playing for 15 years.

With Kiko Loureiro’s platform, I have found the structure, technique, and inspiration to take the electric guitar playing to the level I have always dreamed of.

It is truly a path to the foundations essential for playing the music I love. And not only that, directly from the source of the band I love.

Another great thing I discovered is that Kiko, in his solo work, is very open to a fusion of traditions, and that is one of my passions which I have tried to apply in my classical guitar career.

I hope you find the joy of learning that I have found at Guitar Hacks and that we all can grow together.


Sebastián Caldas
Listen to Sebastián on Spotify and on his Youtube Channel.

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Notable Replies

  1. Welcome Sebastian! Beautiful playing in the video. I might be bias but I think Kiko (and Megadeth) has some of the most musically sophisticated fans out there.

  2. Hello and welcome Sebastian!
    A really impressive video with a great atmosphere!

    And I love your spotlight story!

    Hope to see you play the electric in another video!

  3. Damn! This kicks ass! Sebastian is really good

  4. Hi Tark! Sorry for a late answer but there has been a lot of other stuff and no time for watching my mail. I think also there are a lot of classical musicians who find Megadeth really inspiring because of their sometimes complex stuctures and musical solos.
    Best regards ,

  5. Hi Nils! Thanks a lot for the positive feedback. sorry for the late answer thou. I will soon share some electric guitar stuff even if it is not my speciality. I am working on my arpegios with pick and it goes much worse than with fingers , which is really easy for me since the classical guitar has a lot.

  6. Thanks a lot, Alexander.

  7. Welcome to the forum @sebastian ! Looking forward to your electric guitar stuff!

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