Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Laura Bonini

Introducing the Guitar Hackers Spotlight: This is where we can get to know our fellow students. Each one of you has a fascinating story that deserves to be heard and we’re grateful to be a part of your guitar journey.

Laura Bonini

First, tell us a little about yourself (where you’re from, favorite food, pets, etc.)

I’m from Italy and live in Milan. I’m a graduate in Biology and work as a web programmer for an ebook distributor and I teach yoga in my spare time. My main passions are nature, yoga, and of course, music. Even if I’m not strictly vegetarian I’m mad about any kind of veggie food recipe. I have a female cat who loves when I plunk on my guitar, but gets bothered when I hit a wrong note!

What made you decide to pick up guitar?

I really love music (metal above all) and when I like a particular song, riff or solo, my first thought is, “What would I feel like if I could play it?”  That was the main reason. Honestly I’m a bit insecure, so I’ve never strived to become a musician, compose my own music, or play with other people. Now that I’m learning, I’m trying to improvise a little bit. Really basic stuff, of course, but it’s very fun for me. I’m surprised, only a few months ago I’d never thought this would be possible for me!

What are you hoping to accomplish with your guitar playing? 

Mainly to have fun, play the songs I love and let my feelings flow while playing.

What techniques or concepts do you struggle with most?

At the moment I really struggle with strumming and right hand technique in general.  

How did you hear about Guitar Hacks? 

Following Kiko on social media (youtube and Instagram).

You were hesitant about signing up at first, what changed your mind?

I was afraid Guitar Hacks was aimed only at experienced guitar players, but glanced at a few lessons and I noticed Kiko always begins with really basic exercises, even for more complex techniques. So if this approach is useful for advanced guitarists, I think it can help me set up a good solid technique from the beginning.

Have you interacted with the Guitar Hacks community? And do you feel having an active community of other guitar players is helpful?

I’m a very new subscriber and I have’t got the opportunity to write a comment yet, but I like to read questions and answers by other members and Kiko himself. They’re really useful and make me feel more comfortable in my guitar journey. Because I see everyone, even experienced guitar players, struggle with something and receive advice from others.

Do you have any concerns about the course? Or are there any improvements you would like to see?  

As a beginner, I know I can use only a few lessons right now, but I’ll take my time and I think this course will guide me for a long time.

Anything you would like to say to Kiko?

I’d like to thank him, for having a course in English. Also, for all the awesome material he shares generously on his youtube channel (that’s how I have known him to be a great teacher, in addition to an amazing musician.) His lessons on techniques, songs, and licks are really important and unique, both for guitar players and music lovers in general.

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