#1 Batch of students Full, Online Camp Registration Closed

We have reached our capacity for Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy online camp.

Registration is now closed and I am going to spend time with batch 1 students to make sure they are making progress and evolving as guitar players.

I wanted to thank everybody who has signed up for Guitar Hacks and joined the community. The free videos are still up and I encourage you to watch them and focus on how to study and not just what to study.

Time is precious and once you’ve spent it you don’t get it back. So spend your practicing time wisely!

Private Live Event Chat for Online Camp Students

Batch 1 students will join me in a private live session Sat, March 7. I will be taking feedback on the course, and look at the needs of each student to make sure everybody is making progress.

When will Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy open again?

The date is yet to be defined, as registered members of Guitar Hacks you will get priority status when batch 2 student registration opens later this year. 

Stay tuned!

— Kiko
Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy