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1 guitar hacks with kiko loureiro from megadeth

Help guitar players express themselves musically

As 2019 comes to an end,

My goal for 2020 is to help as many guitar players as I can achieve the skills they need to be able to express themselves musically. To give them the ability to play what they want, and be creative without being limited by technique. That’s why I created Guitar Hacks.

Learning to play guitar is a process. As a result, it takes time and it takes discipline. Having discipline, and putting in the time, will bring more joy to your playing and give you the energy to take it further than you ever thought possible.

I want to share my practicing strategies with you.

Above all, there are three key points musicians sometimes forget when it comes to practicing.

Practicing is not playing

We should play as much as we can throughout the day, but you must set aside a specific time for practice. Practice means we correct mistakes the moment they are made, analyse our hand movements, set goals, and rotate through different exercises and techniques.

There needs to be metrics

If you want to reach a specific goal, you need a strategy that provides you clear milestones to measure your progress with. Without metrics, you are likely to play beyond (or below) your ability, sacrificing both accuracy and control.

Self Awareness

As you practice you need to recognize and fix mistakes the moment they occur before continuing. This requires self-awareness. By doing this, you will begin to play cleaner with more control and accuracy.

I would love that every guitar player has the tools to be able to express themselves. Whether you want to break speed barriers, or play something simple and emotive, it’s about having the discipline to achieve it. Discipline is freedom — and that freedom is being able to play whatever you want.

Guitar Hacks will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution to become the best guitar player you can be.

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