Kiko Loureiro wins Guitar World’s Top 20 guitar albums of 2020 with Open Source

Kiko Loureiro is the guitar player of the great American heavy metal band Megadeth. Kiko’s fifth album called Open Source just won Guitar World’s top 20 guitar albums of 2020 by popular vote.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for this album. The competition was impressive this year with amazing instrumental guitar albums from monster players like Joe Satriani, John Pettruci and Andy James who scores the 2nd position!

As an instrumental guitar nerd, I am very pleased to see that this genre of music is as popular as ever.

Above all, artists are still innovating and delivering compositions, riffs and solos that blow our minds.  In other words, people continue to push the envelope on musicianship and guitar skills to our pleasure!

About Kiko’s Open Source

Open Source is Kiko’s fifth solo album. It has been a different kind of Album right from the start thanks to collaboration between Kiko Loureiro and his fans. Open source got fully funded in under 5 hours powered by a very successful IndieGogo campaign!

kiko loureiro open source

As our member Ron said in Guitar Hacks’s forum:

That achievement should erase any doubts that through hard work, dedication and a proper practice method anyone can achieve their personal goals no matter what the endeavor.

From Ron

About Kiko Loureiro

Kiko has played guitar for over 25 years and has performed all over the world. Additionally, Kiko started teaching when he was just 16, and has given lectures, seminars and clinics in over 50 countries. He is co-founder of the Brazilian heavy metal band Angra, He’s currently the lead guitarist of the legendary band Megadeth.

As a guitar teacher, Kiko released seven online courses in Portuguese, transforming the playing and musicality of over 3000 students.
This year, 2020, he launched this website, Guitar Hacks, dedicated to English versions of his courses.

Equally important, Kiko has also been an instructor at guitar camps from renowned musicians including Allan Holdsworth & Paul Gilbert. In 2018 he was part of the lineup of the G4 experience with Joe Satriani.

Megadeth has sold 38 million records worldwide. The band has earned platinum certification in the United States for six of its fifteen studio albums. Megadeth won the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy Award for the song “Dystopia”.

About Guitar Hacks

Guitar Hacks is Kiko’s website and english speaking community. Its goal is to help all electric guitar players improve their skills, both technically or musically.

You can answer these simple questions to see if Guitar Hacks is for you:

First, How much time have you spent practicing guitar this year?
Secondly, are you still playing the same riffs and licks from last year?
Lastly, when was the last time you had a REAL breakthrough in your playing?

This is exactly why Kiko created Guitar Hacks.

For years Kiko Loureiro has been optimizing his study formula.
As a result, he’s always prepared for the most challenging situations – like playing for 50,000 people at a festival- in a minimal amount of time.

With over 12000 members, our community is growing very quickly. It’s free to join, head over here to sign up and learn from one the best Guitar Player around.

Notable Replies

  1. Congrats Maestro! It is an honor to be learning from you @kiko!

    Also, to my fellow Hackers: how’s that for a fucking excellent time to be alive and learning guitar? From one of the very best, in the comfort of our bedrooms… :upside_down_face:

  2. Congratulations Kiko!!
    That achievement should erase any doubts that through hard work, dedication and a proper practice method anyone can achieve their personal goals no matter what the endeavor. So to fellow members,
    set your goals for 2021 and lets see what happens!!

  3. Congrats, looking forward to more down the road

  4. Super well deserved, it’s also my album of the year. Though I may be a little biased :wink:

  5. Avatar for kiko kiko says:

    Thanks a lot! It was a surprise for me to win this first place.

  6. Avatar for Aram Aram says:

    Muchas felicidades, Kiko!

  7. Congrats Kiko! Well deserved. Great title too thanks for giving so much back to the community.

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