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Olá my friends!

Because of the current isolation, we don’t have the opportunity to meet face to face. That’s why I decided to bring us together with a series of free Youtube lives. It begins next Monday and I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a lot of fun! I guarantee this will NOT be a boring theory class!

Unlock Moods and Modes on Guitar Lives

Starting Monday, August 3 thru Thursday, August 6, I will be diving deep into the seven modes. Over the course of four, 3 hour live streams, I will show you how to apply all the feelings, images, moods and places each mode can represent.

You will learn effective ways to incorporate and connect each of the modes to open up new ways to express yourself.

Here’s the schedule:

Don’t forget to hit the set notification button to be alerted for each session.

Replays will only be available for 24 hours after streaming. You won’t want to miss this!

Guitar Modes, Who Is This For?

These live sessions are for anyone who feels stuck; playing the same patterns over and over, and those looking to unlock their creativity. This is for both beginning and advanced players who are looking to train their ear and express themselves better.

It’s all about feeling the music and really connecting with it.

I am looking forward to hanging out and talking music with all of you. Set the reminder right now.

By now you may have also heard that I’m also launching a new full course on modes very soon, stay tuned, I’ll have more on that later.

See you next week! In the meantime, stay safe out there.

— Kiko

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  1. Yesterday’s live has been awesome, I’ve taken a lot of notes and many new ideas to practice major scale!

  2. Avatar for Aram Aram says:

    It makes you notice how important is to practice a lot over that scale and get deep into it so you can really benefit from it. Kiko did pointed that out BOLDLY. We need to be curious and deal with it in whatever form we can think of so we can use it with freedom.

    I missed yesterdays video, BUT the good thing is they are gonna be included in the next course.

  3. The stuff he shared in this past two days is quite a handful. I’ve been reading up on harmonic series for hours now. And he mentioned it in the first 5 minutes or so of the first video… :smiley:

  4. Just got the new course! :guitar:

  5. Avatar for Aram Aram says:


    I’m doing the memorization of the shapes. I even take it further. I do some playing on the G major chord for one bar then I improvise for another bar in a randomly chosen shape (or connecting two). At a very comfortable speed yet enough to be a little bit challenging. I’ll keep pushing the improvisation…

    But I do this after going through all the shapes in 4 different ways:

    1- Each one individually (ascending then discending) in order.

    2- Ascending from first one, descending on the second one and so on.

    3- Descending from the first one, ascending on the second one and so on.*

    4- Randomly choosing a note of the scale on 1st or 6th string then doing the whole shape.

    I can tell you things are improving fast.

    I don’t want to continue to the next step until all this happens effortlesly.

  6. I think you answered it correctly. Like what Kiko did with the G Major in the video with the same shape and pattern.

  7. Avatar for Aram Aram says:

    Now I just choose whatever note on the fretboard that belongs to the scale and do one the closest shapes.

    I dig it! Soon I’ll try to do full improvisations.

    Like I said, things advance fast this way. We will see how things develop when I reach the triads step. But I’m pumped.

    @Giorgio Nice! I’m a little afraid of taking a peak though, since Kiko was adamant about not advancing until current course step is properly cleared :stuck_out_tongue:

  8. I am happy to hear about new update! Thank you!

    Although I am hovering around lessons 1-3 & 1-4, I feel that I have made great progress over the last few weeks. One of my big hurdles was starting to use a metronome. It took some time, but I am so happy I started using it. I feel more comfortable with the G Major scale and ALT picking. In a funny way, the metronome helped me memorize the scale shapes because I have been focused on staying on beat.

    It’s great to be on this journey with all of you. I wish you all the best!

  9. Failed, I looked ahead… but that’s ok. Shows that the team is uploading great content and people are excited about it. I’m stoked with the course, there is so much info and knowledge to keep you busy for years.
    Keep on shredding!!!

  10. Another update, this one is a big addition, chords, introduction to modal harmony and going back to technique with patterns!
    Have fun!

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