Join Unlock Moods and Modes on Guitar Lives!

Olá my friends!

Because of the current isolation, we don’t have the opportunity to meet face to face. That’s why I decided to bring us together with a series of free Youtube lives. It begins next Monday and I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a lot of fun! I guarantee this will NOT be a boring theory class!

Unlock Moods and Modes on Guitar Lives

Starting Monday, August 3 thru Thursday, August 6, I will be diving deep into the seven modes. Over the course of four, 3 hour live streams, I will show you how to apply all the feelings, images, moods and places each mode can represent.

You will learn effective ways to incorporate and connect each of the modes to open up new ways to express yourself.

Here’s the schedule:

Don’t forget to hit the set notification button to be alerted for each session.

Replays will only be available for 24 hours after streaming. You won’t want to miss this!

Guitar Modes, Who Is This For?

These live sessions are for anyone who feels stuck; playing the same patterns over and over, and those looking to unlock their creativity. This is for both beginning and advanced players who are looking to train their ear and express themselves better.

It’s all about feeling the music and really connecting with it.

I am looking forward to hanging out and talking music with all of you. Set the reminder right now.

By now you may have also heard that I’m also launching a new full course on modes very soon, stay tuned, I’ll have more on that later.

See you next week! In the meantime, stay safe out there.

— Kiko

Notable Replies

  1. Awesome! Really looking forward to these lives!
    Obrigado Kiko :slight_smile:

  2. This is going to be fantastic! I’m excited, I’ll definitely be tuning in.

  3. Avatar for Aram Aram says:

    Is there a way I can “save” the videos beyond the 24hrs?

    I can only attend monday and tuesday, plus I’m not a person with fantastic retention. I really don’t want to miss this!

    Thank you!

  4. I am also interested if however we can consult them beyond 24 hours!

  5. Yes, the replays will be included as bonus as part of the upcoming course on modes.

  6. Avatar for Aram Aram says:

    That’s great to know.

    I’m just waiting for the course to be released.

    I guess the course is also lifetime buy, right?

  7. All live (like last night) be added in guitar hacks in the “live with Kiko” section ?

  8. Avatar for Aram Aram says:

    Those videos are gonna be added to the Modes course.

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