Flying in a Lydian Dream

Hey Kiko here! How are you?

Have you ever listened to the song “Flying in a  Blue Dream” by the legendary Joe Satriani? I think It’s one of his most iconic songs.

I’m a huge fan of Satch, especially his song, Flying in a Blue Dream. 

I never tried to learn it, but I do know the first two chords: A major and B major.

At the G4 Experience Guitar Camp, where I had the honor of teaching alongside Joe Satriani, he told the story behind the song: 

He was half awake and imagining he was flying. The song came out of this imaginary situation.

Satriani said, “I don’t know how to play it, but I can feel it … I’m able to imagine the ‘Blue Dream’.”

But there’s another thing I know: The Lydian mode

The Lydian mode is what Satriani, and many other composers, use to achieve that “Blue Dream” feeling. 

Listen to my “Vital Signs” Play Through, can you hear the Lydian?

Kiko’s Open Source “Vital Signs”  Play Through.

I thought it would be interesting to discuss the modes that I am using here

I start by using the Lydian mode. Peaceful, dreamy, relaxing, open and atmospheric — I think you get the idea.

Next, I switch to the Aeolian, which is minor and very melancholic. I play this in the same key as the Lydian, so it brings the melancholy together with the optimistic of the Lydian.

I play this over a solid drum and bass groove which gives the song a nice, steady vibe. It really captures the mood of both modes.

Every scale, every mode, gives us a specific feeling. 

If you master that, you can create your own solos, and compose songs that translate images, feelings, and ideas through your music.

Be a creator with the power to control and connect to the listeners through their emotions. 

Mastering modes is the best way to unlock creativity. This is possible for everyone and there is a step by step process. 

It’s time for you to decide if you want to be a creator or a play the same patterns over and over again.

Check out my 7 Factor  Online Guitar Course: From modes to music. Where  you will find my in depth process to master the Modes, Scales and Intervals on guitar.

Enrollment closes this Sunday, Aug.16th.

Notable Replies

  1. Lydian is probably the most beautiful mode, it is full of wonder and optimism. Kind of sums up the human urge to explore and search for real meaning.

  2. I agree Ron, Lydian is the most “major” of the major modes.
    I am still amazed that this single sharp 4th really pushes the emotions towards optimism and openness while the same interval, in the contest of Locrian, does not have the same effect at all.

  3. such a great description, who likes economy picking anyway right? lol thanks Kiko!!!

  4. Avatar for kiko kiko says:

    :). Yes! I don’t! lol

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