Modes and scales quizz

I thought it would be fun to create a quick quizz so guitar players can test their knowledge of modes and scales quickly.

Most importantly, let’s keep this test alive. Am I missing any fun/cool question? Do you want to discuss or get detailed explanations on some of the questions?

Talk to me and other guitar players in the forum!

7 Factor from Modes to Music

Check out my online course on modes and scales. I designed 7 Factor to help you discover your own voice and not be a copycat.

Above all, my goal is to make sure you never get stuck playing the same patterns over and over again. As a result, you will be able to really feel the music, connecting to it on a deeper level.

How would you feel if you could always play creatively and never sound boring ever again?

Notable Replies

  1. So what score did you get? :slight_smile:

  2. 15/15? Though the “which scale goes over the following progression” had me thinking for a few minutes. But I eventually figured them out, without a guitar in hand or writing anything down.

    I’ve been looking for similar tests for ages and found absolutely none, zilcho. I hope we can get, say, a few thousand more quiz questions… :wink: :upside_down_face:

  3. Nice, so we need more questions :slight_smile:
    We can certainly add more questions or tests, I am wondering how we could do the same thing for technique, what kind of questions that would be.

  4. I think for technique quiz is really not the way to go. I can imagine it like the ill fated “Lick of the Week Club”, but maybe in a more controlled manner. Licks designed for certain skill levels or technical prowess. Or maybe small challenges where it is possible to play the lick with multiple techniques and the goal is to get all techniques up to the same speed. For example a run which can be done with alternate picking, legato+tapping, alternate+sweep…

  5. 9/15 … Lame! I have a long way to go.

  6. 15/15 too. It’s thanks to @kiko 7 Factor Course. Haha! I’m currently taking it now and because of that I know the chords of the keys that’s why I figured out which scale to use on the progressions questions part. Though it got me thinking on the Phrygian Dominant part. The clue for me was the E7 and I thought “oh well, Phrygian Dominant can be use for major chords and since it’s dominant then it should go well to a dominant chord which is E7”.

  7. Right? When I saw E7 I thought, EZ-PZ, we’re in A Major! Then comes an F and the Am, so A Maj is out… :smiley: I must admit I took an educated guess there by thinking that “Hey, a dominant scale with E as the root SHOULD be OK over an E dominant chord”… :nerd_face:

  8. I got 15/15. I hoped I would so I was feeling the pressure :rofl:

  9. I wouldn’t expect any less from 7 Factor students ah ah :angel:

  10. I feel the same. Guessed right on a few. 10/15 for me.

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