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New Player Introduction

This is a great way to get started in our guitarist community, please say hello and introduce yourself to the other members!

Remember that communicating with other members is a quick way to monitor your progress and maintain momentum.

Please use the comment section below to introduce yourself!
Where are you form? How did you get started playing guitar?
  • Alan Alan says:

    Hello all!
    Some background – I’m 57, recently “retired”. I played guitar when I was a kid, up to about 18 years old. Played mostly bars and nightclubs; my band mates were all 10 years+ my senior which helped me grow in some good ways and not so good. Guitar was stored (beautiful ’76 LPC) when I became a father early and I laser focused on earning a living. So here I am today. I have been trying a number of online courses, but when I saw this I just had to try and participate. I need to reinforce my fundamentals badly. Even my timing and rhythm are off (when I think about it anyway). I can still play a number of tunes I have learned over the past few months. Crazy Train, easy but the win was about half the time keeping up with Randy Rhodes on the awesome solo. Some SRV, Hendrix (complete with thumb), VH, Pink Floyd, and nearly bit on the Santana masterclass, just a little rich given my current situation. I really respect Kiko for making the time to try and share your gift of awesomeness. Thank you!

  • Hello, I am Giorgio, I’ve started playing classical guitar when I was 10 and moved on to electric at around 15 because I became obsessed with the music of Guns n Roses, Metallica and Iron Maiden!

    I have been progressing regularly until I started getting a full time job and now I am trying to get back to a more consistent practice routine.

    Also, I am the webmaster for this site so you can direct all the complaints to me 🙂

  • Alain Alain says:

    Hello from France, I am really a piano player but decided to start learning guitar (metal) as a new year resolution. Thanks Kiko for all the content, it’s been helping a lot!

  • Hi, Im Alan from Arkansas USA. I’m 38 and have been playing since in the 5th grade. Married with 3 boys under 7. I was in high school when introduced to heavy music and would spend nearly all waking time self teaching myself guitar. Played in some local bands during college but stopped to start a career. Since I would pick up guitar from time to time as a hobby. I would say I hit a peak in my playing which was limiting. Recently discovered and purchased this course (among others), but have only stuck with this one. Its Kikos logical and focused approach which has inspired me to revisit all aspects of my playing. I have picked up or refined skills which has been very motivating. My family has witnessed my love for playing come out and kids are involved and intrigued as well. They all have guitars too. Many thanks to Kiko and team.

    • Hi Alan, thanks for being such an engaged member of this community, can’t wait to see how your playing is evolving!
      it’s also so cool that your family and kids are getting involved as well, it pushes me to get my 9 years old to spend more time in the studio.

  • Marc Hanson Marc Hanson says:


    My name is Marc from Salt Lake City, UT. I’m a 44 year old self taught guitar player. Going through Kiko’s workout is proving to be a little frustrating since I’ve developed so many bad practicing habits over the years, but in the end, I think this is going to be good for me. It will build character, as my dad would say.

  • Hi My name is William from Cuba a huge fan of Kiko since Angra.
    I would like to take this course but it says that is already full,.
    When is going to be open again?
    Can you help me with that ?
    Thanks so much

  • Basit bagi Basit bagi says:

    Hi I’m basit from pakistan and i have been playing from 2014 and i have play guitar with many famous artist in pakistan from last 2 years i have change my genre eastern classical to western prog rock,blues

  • Hi my name is Emile Breseghello, i’m 14 year old and started playing guitar 2 years ago. i’m from Toulouse, a big and beautiful town in France.
    I started playing guitar because of Metallica. my favourite band since i listened to them. I’m new into Megadeth, and when i listened “Conquer Or Die” kiko’s solo blew my mind! So i think this courses can help me to improve my guitar level !

  • Marc Marc says:

    Hello guitar hackers!
    Marc from Barcelona here, I’ve been playing guitar forever, but just haven’t progressed as a soloist, always wanted to play classic Blackmore solos but it just isn’t happening, so… A: being a lefty playing right (like Kiko) – which is very inspiring – and B: Confined at home due to the damn Co-vid plague, can’t think of a better way to improve than joining this course and since I’m not leaving home any time soon, I can fully dedicate my plentiful free time to it every cloud has a silver lining…

  • Alan Warsaw Alan Warsaw says:

    Hello, I am Alan from Maryland in the U.S. I am a 55-year-old former drummer turned guitarist. As a teenager, while I never have any formal training as a guitarist, I always had a better ear than the guitarist in our band and would figure out the guitar parts for them. After health issues took out my legs I decided to focus on my guitar playing to feed my desire to continue making music. While trying to improve my technical abilities by watching YouTube videos is how I stumbled on to Kiko’s amazing skills and became a Kino fan.

  • Marc Marc says:

    Marc from Barcelona here. I have been playing forever but have never progressed as a soloist, always wanted to play Blackmore classic solos but to no avail. So, being a lefty playing right (like Kiko) and having terrible right-hand coordination and being confined for the next three weeks due to the co-vid crisis I think it’s a terrific opportunity to improve skills, especially since I (we all) have plentiful free time… let us invest it wisely. A golden opportunity to build up some great chops. Every cloud has a silver linning…

  • Tim Kennedy Tim Kennedy says:

    Well, Thanks to Kiko opening up the #2 bootcamp hacks its been a huge part of my day! Thanks Kiko, i work the front lines during this Pandemic and My passion for the guitar has grown exponentially! I have a stressful job(which I’m blessed to have during this time), and Kiko’s course has helped more than I can say! Thanks Kiko and thank all of you for being there for each other! this is what makes us strong, and soon to be great guitarists like Kiko!

    BTW I live in the Great White North Calgary Alberta Canada!

  • Sayan munshi Sayan munshi says:

    Hi I am sayan , I am 32 year old and father to 2 daughters , 4 year old and 2 month old . I am from kolkata, India . I have recently started playing rhythm guitar again and play Megadeth , Metallica , pantera , Iron Maiden in a band . I want to improve my guitar skills for myself . By profession I am a businessman and playing the guitar is something I do for myself . I am really weak at soloing , playing fast licks and incorporating it in a solo . So here I am with you guys with kiko as our teacher ( I am thrilled couldn’t have asked for anyone else ). Hope stay consistent and improve .

  • Hi I’m Andrew Stephens. I’m from GA USA. I’ve always been a huge Kiko fan!
    Anyways, I’ve always admired his musical approach to guitar heavy music. It’s not just mindless shredding. It’s so intentional. I realized I’ve been wanting to improve and being guided by the man himself is as good as it gets! Other than that I played on a project Kyle Morrison-Piano Metal that also features Dirk from Megadeth. I am so excited for the opportunity to grow with you all!

      • Thank you Kiko! I’m enjoying this course so much! The deliberate practice is helping tremendously. I’ve actually had the pleasure to meet you in person twice. Once at Progpower USA and then you played a guitar clinic at Ken Stanton Music in GA. I won a metronome(for guessing you were left handed) and had you sign it. It’s actually the metronome I’m using while I’m practicing the course. Later I picked up a Red Kiko 10P. Absolutely love that guitar! Thanks for all the inspiration through the years. I’ll be the best student I can be!

  • Greetings, I am Louie from Beaumont, California which is near Riverside/San Bernardino. I am 54 years old and started training in classical guitar when I was 11. In the 90’s I took guitar lessons from Kevin Lynch who was in the Bill Ward Band and I played the Sunset Strip before. After 20 years of a hiatus, I reunited with my old band mates and we are writing material for an album. I am super excited about taking my playing to another level as I get closer to my retirement…LOL.

  • Reto Marugg Reto Marugg says:

    Hi all!
    My name is Reto, I’m from Switzerland and 46 years old. My main Ianguage is German, so please forgive me my mistakes. I started guitar playing at the age of 12. I play in a hobby band since over 20 years with a break in between.

    As a kid I’ve been listening mainly to Hard Rock and Heavy. I’m no longer into these genres anymore, but I’m a big fan of the video footages from Kiko on YouTube. To see a little bit how the life of a touring musician is, is always interesting to me.

    As a band, we play mainly Blues and Soul. But I was thrilled to get my hands on to the lessons from Kiko, as it is not genre specific. Speed is not the most important for my playing style, but I can benefit greatly from Kiko’s teaching about technics and learning progressions.

  • Greetings from Berlin, Germany. I’m originally from Brazil and a huge Kiko fan. I’ve being playing guitar since I was a kid. My father used to have a music store in Piracicaba (not so far from São Paulo) so music was all over our house! I further graduated in music and moved to Europe for work. Nowadays I’m doing R&D for audio/music software between LA and Berlin! Guitar has always been my passion! I met Kiko a couple of times back in the days and it was always very inspiriting! He’s been always very kind, a tremendous player and an awesome guitar instructor! With very little time left lately, your workout routines are just perfect! Thank you! Looking forward to rocking with you guys! Stay safe and see you online! Andre

  • Hi, I am Nadeem from Oman i am 46 and playing guitar self thought and play in band playing cover songs. I am extremly happy to join Guitar Hacks and to learn more deep and develop my skills, learning from Kiko is like for me a dream come true.

  • Hello Everyone I am Frisco Sensing and I live in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area of the United States. I have been playing guitar for about ten years and I am self taught for the most part. I admit I started pretty late in the game at the age of 36 and I have never had a formal lesson. Although I aspired to play like some of the greatest lead guitar players I found it very difficult for me to reach those incredible speeds of sound. I discovered that rhythm playing seemed to come more naturally to me and singing while doing so. I would like to say that I am like a natural James Hetfield from Metallica if you will. Lately I feel as though I have flat lined with my skill level and kinda feeling like I hit a stone wall when it comes to technical skills and creativity. So as I decided to expand my horizons and as I was looking at some music from Megadeth that’s when I discovered Kiko Lourerio also taught lessons and was starting up Guitar Hacks. While listening to some of his instruction and advice I realized that he struck me with inspiration and put the wind back into my sails. I feel that he is pretty genuine in his approach and I am already seeing improvements in my lead guitar playing as well in some other ares in just one week of following his one hour practicing guidelines.

    I am very grateful to have this opportunity and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone! One Love ? Riff~Life ?

    Thank You!

    • Hi Frisco,
      I agree with you, that Kiko has brought new inspiration to rock guitar players that had previously hit a plateau like me, because of Kiko’s disciplined way of teaching fundamentals, and modern techniques. I feel fortunate to be here too.

  • Corey Slim Corey Slim says:

    Hi, Im Corey from Albuquerque NM, im 27 yrs old, I’ve been playing guitar since 12 yrs old, i started out as a drummer in the beginning, music is my life & runs in my father’s side of the family, i love megadeth & your playing in different styles of music, your lessons helped alot for my struggles in practice, Thank you so much

  • Skyler mills Skyler mills says:

    Hey! My name is Skyler Mills and i am from Canada, I started a thrash metal band around the age of 16, im 25 years old now and we’re still going strong! music is the most important part of my life, after my last tour up the west coast i realized i was held back by my abilities, compared to my peers. so i decided its time to become a pro and kikos playing has really inspired me to increase the amount of tools i have in my tool box!
    I am very excited to head down this path to success lead by such a great person. thank you kiko for taking the time to help.
    p.s if any of you want to check out my bands music, you can PM me and ill be happy to share. i hope thats okay i posted on here!

    Rock on

  • Hi, I’m Miguel, I’m 31, father of a 15 month old, I live in Los Angeles and have been playing guitar for about 17 years now. I decided to pick up guitar when I was in middle school and while working on a project at a friend’s house they played Megadeth and Stratovarius songs and I immediately thought “I have to learn how to do that” and here I am. I consider myself an intermediate guitar player in the sense that I can play most of the songs I like to some degree (butchering the solos most of the time), but I’m working on learning a little bit more theory and breaking out of my plateau (sweep arpeggios and hybrid picking are the death of me). Looking forward to improving with Kiko’s method.

  • Paul Pirozzi Paul Pirozzi says:

    Hi Everyone, many name is Paul. I’m from Harrisburg PA. Before I introduce myself I hope everyone and there family’s are safe and healthy. I started playing guitar back in high school. I heard Van Halen 1 and that was it for me. Then I saw Malmsteen with Alcatraz . whole ? changed. Was also a huge fan of Kiko playing before megadeath. I saw clips of him teaching on YouTube. He’s just a natural when it comes to instructing. If anyone knows who his teacher was in ?? you would be blown away as well. Anyway happy to be here and look forward to sharing with everyone

  • Marvin Marvin says:

    Hey everybody! I’m from NW Pennsylvania, I’ve been playing guitar for about 25 years. You are probably thinking that I should be really good, right! Well the truth is, I’m not. The first couple of years my skills grew fast, but then my playing became stagnant, I stopped trying to push myself (becoming a Dad had a lot to do with that). I also made the mistake of not spending enough time on one thing, mastering and ingraining it into myself, before moving on to the next new thing. 90% of what I learned in the last quarter of a century, I forgot. My goal here is to apply Kiko’s strategy for focused practice and take my playing to a level that it has never been. Thank you.

  • Nils Patrick Nils Patrick says:

    Hello all together,
    great to read from so many musicians around the globe!
    I’m from southern Germany and have been playing guitar since I was 12, started teaching at 16 and later made my degree as a singer for jazz and rock.

    I recently gave up my part-time job in IT to dedicate my life completely to music and found a great opportunity to improve my technique in Kiko’s course. So I practice a few hours a day and my family supports me – I am a lucky man. 🙂

    I’ve built a home studio over the years and released a solo record. Working on the next one.

    I wish you all the best in this crisis – I hope it will soon be over. Then I might see some of you live!
    After all, Kiko was here two years ago! 😀

  • Romy Romy says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Romy and 18 years old. Basically I started playing the Guitar a few months ago and the spark that brought me to pick up a guitar was Bon Jovi.

    I had a lot of Struggles playing the guitar till I found Kiko’s videos. Though I still have some problems, but I find it way more easier to play the guitar now. Even though I only saw a few videos, they helped me a lot to improve.

    In my opinion Kiko is an excellent teacher and a great person.

    Thanks for what you are doing!!!

  • Luis Haro Luis Haro says:

    Hello there! I’m Luis from Mexico City , I’m 26 years old and I´ve been playing guitar for almost 10 years.
    I had tendinits 5 years ago and that stopped me for almost 2 months, those were terrible times but I still take care with warm-up exercises and workout routines; that thing doesn´t goes away but it can be controlled.
    I’ve been looking for guitar lessons and better ways to measure my progress, this tools and sites that Kiko and other guitar players are sharing are really helpful and I’m really thankful for that.
    I really wish we all can learn from each other, keep sharing experiences and bring more people to this platforms!

  • Greetings,

    My name is Sotiri Agelopoulos,
    And I am from Ohio. I’ve been playing guitar for many years and I signed up for Kiko’s guitar hacks community to give me some structure to go back to the basics to the fundamentals and to tighten up my current technical knowledge of the guitar.

    I’ve been going through the course work methodically as described for a couple days and I can already experienced a difference.

    I’ve honed in and focused on areas in which I’ve been having issues with my picking and legato .. the structure of the course is definitely geared towards creating neural pathways in the brain that focuses on productive learning for 1 hour and it stays with you.

    I’m looking forward to the Saturday live session with Kiko!


  • Good morning, Toni from Switzerland here. Play in Megora, actually have supported Megadeth before Kiko’s time and my company was the sound company for them on their recent European tour. Looks like this course somehow brings me back to proper practising – which is great!

  • hi..I’m Steve from the SF Bay Area CA, I play CSJ guitars and onenESP GUS G. I have been playing for 30 years and I do have a lot of knowledge but I am open to learning more.I have had lessons from Joel Hoekstra and Mark McGee. I play metal but as I get older I am finding that I like more melodic music with great Harmonies, I stumbled upon KIKO and am very impressed with his attitude towards musicians. I am sure I will gain a lot from this course….thanks KIKO

  • Hello Hello,
    I am Enrico ( Kikko since in italy kikko is typical knickname for Enrico) and I am very happy to be here.
    i’ve playing first guitar for a long time now I am a sound engineer and when I was based in US I did few years with Vai and Gilbert, studio and live! so I really really enjoy guitar and I think this is gonna be a great opportunity to practice and improve but also to get to know Kiko’s playing approach better!

    Looking forward, I just enrolled and I will start jumping on this ASAP

    Ciao from Italy!

  • Ammar Hazim Ammar Hazim says:

    Hi, my name is Ammar. I’m from Baghdad, Iraq, and currently living in the states, 26. I started playing guitar about 4 years ago. A few Spanish songs caught my attention back then (e.g. Malaguena), and made me want to learn. I started practicing classical guitar, and then I was interested in electric as I began listening to Metallica, Megadeth, etc.I just started Kiko’s workout a few days ago (I’m liking it so far)!

  • Hi everybody!
    My background, I am German and living in NY, started with 15 and 7 years of playing power chords in hardcore bands. My great cousin was teaching me at that time and he was a metal head but it took me another 10 years to really get into metal and appreciate the skill and art of guitar playing.
    3 years ago I set my new years goal to play 1 hour a week and i have basically come up with my own routine, some stuff taken from Dime’s guitar book from the 90s and a lot of random YouTube video bits.
    I just recently saw that Kiko had this program after watching his shred video.
    I think the routine of this program is what I need, and the fact that i can just churn away on exercises just like going to the gym. So i am trying to stick with the hour a day for the rest of the year.
    I am also looking forward to the musical side of it and it would be nice if some more lessons of those would be added later.
    Looking forward to this!
    All the best to all.

  • Hi everybody! (Finally getting round to doing this)
    My name’s Andrew. I’m 23 and from Northern Ireland.

    Started taking guitar lessons in school when I was 12 and learning the absolute basics (which I’m probably still not great at.) Around this age, I had found my gate-way bands (Linkin Park, System of a Down, Killswitch Engage, Serj Tankian, Scars on Broadway, Korn), that were my introduction into heavier music.

    I rarely jammed with people at that age. I was always rather shy about playing in front of people (people who were louder and more extrovert). Also did not study music in school which I regret now haha

    After a few initial years of playing and practicing regularly, I became getting complacent with my perfect pitch–thinking that I could rely on that all the time.

    At university, I played in the uni Big Band, and in a band with some others playing classic hard rock covers. During this time, I began listening to a lot more different artists and players (Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and Vivian Campbell are compulsory Irish listening).
    I spent more time digesting music from the go-to guitar players both old and new. I spent more time listening to differing metal genres and improving my musical ear–instead of practicing or learning new songs for a few years and getting frustrated whenever I tried to start a new song from scratch.

    Due to current circumstances, I’ve been playing the guitar everyday for the last 7 weeks during my work breaks, and I have never felt happier.

    This course is going to help me sustain my enjoyment of playing and improvement, and finally be able to breakthrough my learning barriers. I’ve always loved Angra’s complex arrangements–so learning from Kiko is like learning straight from the source.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone else’s experiences and progress!

  • Marco Muñoz Marco Muñoz says:

    Hi everyone

    Im Marco, im 26 years old, im from Chile started playing guitar like 10 years ago, at first playing casually but now im really into it. I’ve always been self taught so i think it’s really the time to make more progress with kiko’s lessons. I want to keep learning and im sure this course will help with that.

  • hello Kiko, Hello All,

    I’m Laurent from France (Paris). I’m 40 and i started playing guitar around the age of 15. After some years enjoying playing metal/rock stuffs, i almost stopped. Not so easy to find a good match between guitar practice and daily life… I decided 2 years ago to resume practicing seriously, but now i am more into jazz/fusion instrumental music. With my job, always on the road, i turned into an acoustic guitar player 90% of my time.

    I love to work on improvisation. I wish i would find a way to better connect my fingers on the fretboard to my inner ear instead to muscle habits. Today, even if my guitar technique is not that bad, I’m trying to focus on playing the right note at the right time and also to connect modes, shapes, chords… in the same area of the fretboard while playing on chords changes.

    I wish i would have enough time to dedicate to that guitar camp in the coming days to really enjoy it and benefit from it.

    All the best to all of you!

  • Hello!

    I’m Stig, writing from the north east of England.

    I only discovered Kiko recently, spending time on YouTube during the Coronavirus lockdown. Not only an amazing player, he comes across as a genuinely fun & warm person who loves music and wants to share it with others. This is what motivated me to join this community.

    I got my first guitar 27 years ago, but only discovered the difference between *playing* and *practice* in 2018, working through Justin Sandercoe’s beginner course. I now try to fit in 30-60 minutes of dedicated practice every day, but it’s often a challenge to have time for additional *playing*.

    I play mainly at home for my own pleasure, but I’m hoping to find opportunities to jam more with others once lockdown allows. I would love to play for an audience one day, but I don’t feel I’m able to play songs consistently without mistakes yet.


  • Hello!

    I’m Stig, writing from the north east of England, where my wife and I home-educate our 8-year-old son.

    I only discovered Kiko recently, spending time on YouTube during the Coronavirus lockdown. Not only an amazing player, he comes across as a genuinely fun & warm person who loves music and wants to share it with others. This is what motivated me to join this community.

    I got my first guitar 27 years ago, but only discovered the difference between playing and practice in 2018, working through Justin Sandercoe’s beginner course. I now try to fit in 30-60 minutes of dedicated practice every day, but it’s often a challenge to have time for additional playing.

    I play mainly at home for my own pleasure, but I’m hoping to find opportunities to jam more with others once lockdown allows. I would love to play for an audience one day, but I don’t feel I’m able to play songs consistently without mistakes yet.


  • Hi everyone, I am Jonathan from North Wales, UK. I’m 43 and I teach piano and guitar. I started playing guitar aged 15 being hugely into Metallica and Guns n Roses. I saw Metallica, Megadeth and Guns all at Milton Keynes Bowl way back in 1993, so saw Dave and Marty play live. I would love to see Megadeth with Kiko.

    My health held me back a lot when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s, but I am now well enough to be studying for a classical piano diploma and having 3 online lessons with my fave concert pianist Noriko Ogawa this summer at the online Chetham’s International Summer School and Festival for pianists.

    I saw today on Facebook, Kiko has this course and know it will be a great investment and so motivating to learn from such an amazing player and great guy. I am actually working on the Tornado Of Souls solo at the moment, though my main focus has to be piano just at present. I know this course and having inspiration from Kiko will make a big difference to my discipline and motivation levels and also help inspire my students as well.

    Incidentally I am also learning Brazilian Portuguese, having made a very special friend from Sao Paulo. Hope to visit her in Brazil when travel restrictions are lifted. I am very excited that Kiko might read and comment on one of my posts (and will take a photo of it!!) and the opportunity to attend a live session with him as part of our group. Thanks for doing this Kiko, you’re a legend.

  • Hi, m’y name is Sébastien, I’m a 44 yo french and play guitar for 28 years now 👴
    I mainly listen metal, play rock and metal, have a french rock band and also do amateur recordings and mix.

  • says:

    Hello from USA. Just recently started back learning guitar after recovering from a hand injury. Going to be hard work starting over but I am confident that online communities such as this will be helpful.

  • Jake Jake says:

    Hi there, my name is Jake and I’ve been playing since the mid-90’s. I’ve played guitar off and on for years and have a renewed passion for it now that my 3 kids are a little older.

    After seeing Kiko at a clinic, I was very impressed with his approach and demeanour.

    The first tab book I learned was Megadeth’s Youthanasia, so to learn from a member of the band is a real honour. Not to mention Angra is fantastic.

  • Hi! I’m just 18 years old and today i will start this challenge to become fast!!

  • i started to play eletric guitar when i was 16 years old and today i really would like to start shred.

  • Doug Leoni Doug Leoni says:

    Hi Everybody! Nice to virtually meet you all. I am a Canadian, mid life span, mostly blues, metal, influenced. Although like most had a bit of a rap/hiphop saga in the 90/00’s… I’m an actor in Toronto and free lance as a carpenter for the Film Industry.

    I’m really enjoying the course and very grateful for the knowledge, professionalism and general care for the students.

    Kiko, you rock! Officially my new idol.

  • Austin Cox Austin Cox says:

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Austin, I am from Los Angeles, 26 years old, and have been playing guitar for 14 years. I have taken an interest in pushing my technique and songwriting abilities as high as possible so that is why I am here! nice to meet you and I am excited to learn alongside all of you!

  • franco Perla franco Perla says:

    Hi my name is Franco and i’m a guitar player from Italy.
    I play all kind of music in the Italian Navy Band but my heart beats for rock and heavy stuffs.
    I play most of all Ibanez Guitars and my Mesa JP2C amp and many other effects, like Axe-fx etc etc
    By the way, i love so much the way Kiko makes music and plays guitar!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am Shafaat, originally from Bangladesh. But now in Germany for higher studies.

    I use to play bass in a heavy metal band. But aftwr watching Sir Kiko in “Conquer or Die” music video, I have change my mind; to play guitar like him. I know It’s impossible but atleast wanna give a try.

    For me, It’s like a dream to take lesson from favourite guitar player. I am blessed. I hope this program will make me a good person as well besides improving guitar skills .



  • Hello. My name is Joseph. Been a guitar player for 40 years. Always just treated it as a hobby that I would be Interested in here and there. Recently (last couple years) I’ve begun to take it more seriously and have begun to study some theory and devote one to two hours a day to practice/play. I’ve completed an online course and have been through a handful of books. I signed up for Kiko’s course because, like everything else, I’ve never had a regimen of practicing technique only. I’m enjoying the course very much, and now start out my practicing time with one hour of lessons from Kiko!

  • Hello, my name is Sebastian and I’ve always aspired to be a great guitar player. I’ve always looked up to heavier guitarists like kiko and Kerry King and I want to become just as good as them and play my favorite songs. I’m a senior in High school and I’ve always wanted to start a band but since I’m going the academic route I don’t have much time on my hands. Hoping this will help me out

  • Hello there!

    My name is Aram, I’m from Mexico but right now I’m living in Sweden.

    I’m 35 years old and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 15.

    I’ve played in many different kind of bands. I’ve played Ska, Reggae, Punk Rock, Metal, a little bit of Jazz/Funk and right now I play in a Drum ‘N Bass/Metal band, many times I’ve been the only guitar player. The styles of music I feel more at home with are Rock and Metal, with no particular preference.

    One thing which I have been having struggling with since the begining is having discipline. My practice sessions always tended to be pretty disorganized, specially because of me feeling so overwhelmed trying to choose what to practice and I should include I’m a very disperse person.

    Every time I watch a great guitar player it kind of makes me feel I’m just not good enough.

    Since I saw Kiko on Coffee With Ola and his approach to practicing, I decided it was about time for me to start pushing myself to have a proper schedule and structure so I can really improve as a musician. Hence why I’m here 🙂 .

    Sadly a month ago I started experiencing joint pain in two of my fingers after playing for around 5 hrs, so I’m seeing the doctor next week.

    But I still practice, try to do it as cleanly and comfortable as I can.

    Right now I’m not following any of Kiko’s excercises since there are some particular licks I need to develop for some of my bands songs, but I do use his structure and I have been hearing and feeling the improvements.

    For some reason I tend to compose solos which I’m still unable to play properly…

    As soon as that gets cleared I’ll start from the beginning with the course.

    Thank you all for reading!

    Rock on!

  • Felman Felman says:

    More Power to Guitar Hacks

  • Ruel Ruel says:

    Hello I’m new as a acoustic player please help me to utilize a great and correct skill

  • Daniel Calvo Daniel Calvo says:


    I’m thinking in getting the Kiko Loureiro class… I’ve been following his carreer since the Rebirth Album with Angra when I was like 15 and he is a true inspiration for me. regarding the class, is there a waiting list? or as soon as I pay I get access to the material? I keep getting this message saying the class is 200 plp limit and I bet there is a lot of people trying to get into his classes.

    any intel on that?

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