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Alan Woodward


The interactive nature of this course is great. Its refreshing knowing that others are working right alongside me to accomplish improving as a goal.


I felt stuck, not truly motivated to practice, and just rehashing the same things. I lacked a comprehensive, step-by-step practice regime with concrete action items.

After taking the course, the fundamentals in all areas of guitar playing improved dramatically. Now I know what to practice each day and what to rotate in and out to keep things fresh. A virtuous upward spiral.

I saw the most improvement with strict alternate picking + sweep picking + legato. Economy picking comes naturally to me, so forcing myself to really practice strict alternate picking has actually been great. Getting better at strict alternate picking has also helped my economy picking and sweep picking. I knew the importance of legato, just never felt like practicing it seriously before.

I'm highly motivated and seeing improvements on a daily basis. And because I already have a practice regiment in place, more of my time can be devoted to learning/applying music theory and learning songs. I have tried many guitar instructional programs, but this is by far the best. Many great guitarists can't teach; many teachers aren't necessarily great guitarists themselves.

Kiko is the rare individual who is great at playing AND great at teaching. His mastery of all music styles (not just Metal!) is truly inspiring.

Marc Hanson

Finally a different approach

I’ve been playing guitar for almost three decades and Kiko’s Complete Guitar Workout helped me break out of the rut I’ve been stuck in for several years. The short, focused approach was exactly what I needed.


Stagnated. I can play tabs and was learning slowly, but never got to the point to where I could feel like I could just play. Little progress, practiced a variety of areas, but never felt that I was actually moving forward. Guitar Hacks provided a more professional trainer that actually enjoys teaching, explaining things better, and in a more logical way.

I have more overall focus on the things that were either overlooked, misinformed, or just not explained well previously. If I had to pick one thing I saw most improvement on, it would be left and right hand muting.

I have zero background in music or instruments, so I am very slow to learn this stuff. But I enjoy it and I can start to see progress in my playing. Kiko is a trusted teacher who enjoys teaching and comes from a wide variety of guitar styles. He's a professional who doesn't act like a snob and cares about his students. I love having tabs to follow along off-line.

I know when I teach someone about something I know very well, I tend to assume that they will understand it like I do. Not always the case, some are slow and need step-by-step, others catch on quickly. Overall, I highly recommended this course for all levels of students.

Darren V.

Highly recommended

I’ve been struggling with alternate picking but have finally noticed some real improvement by the time I finished Day 4 of the picking exercises.


I was doing way too much noodling as well as a lack of structure in my practice routine. Because of that, I was not making consistent progress.

Guitar Hacks helped me become more consistent with my practice routine. It had very valuable tips on how to structure my time and approach certain issues, i.e. overcome plateaus, improve technique.

The biggest improvements were in my right hand and, specifically, Alternate Picking. I see better progress, feel more comfortable, and am even more motivated to grab the guitar and play.

I feel Guitar Hacks provides me with structure as well as a clear path to improve my technical, musical and theoretical skills.

Kiko is an amazing teacher and the passion and effort he is putting into this is outstanding. I have been signing up for many courses (with famous and less famous players) over the last years but Guitar Hacks and Kiko are bringing it to the next level. Kiko also does sessions to interact with his students and in those sessions he provides even more help.

Kiko - as stated above - you are not just an incredible guitar player and fantastic teacher, but also such a humble, kind and motivating individual when interacting with people. It is always a pleasure being part of your live sessions on YT and feel lucky and thankful for the opportunity to be one of your students! Andreas


I felt I was making some progress, but it was very slow and very boring at times to practice. I think I wasn't using my practice time as efficiently I could because I kept doing the same exercises from youtube everyday. I felt I was stuck not making much improvements.

Guitar Hacks helped me discover all of the weaknesses in my playing. It helped me practice more carefully, by examining the minor details that needed to be improved in my technique. I also overcame many of the speed barriers with the Out Of The Plateau approach.

I think my legato was helped the most. I never did the fundamentals to increase my articulation before, but after doing the legato practice I'm able to play legato notes much more clean and clearly.

I feel I am much better and faster after completing the Guitar Hacks courses. I know how to practice everything I need and I can improvise better. Practicing is fun now after seeing improvements almost daily!

I would recommend Guitar Hacks to anyone who is struggling to get better -- I think it is the best guitar course for more serious players.

Thank you, Kiko, for helping all us guitar players reach beyond our potential! I hope you do more courses relating to techniques and improvising!


I was doing very poorly, with no real grasp of the fundamentals, coupled with no game plan for how or what to practice. P

Guitar Hacks provided a focus on the fundamentals, coupled with a structured lesson plan. My alternate picking definitely improved and I'm moving forward on my journey as a guitar player.

It's a well structured course and Kiko does make himself available for questions through monthly YouTube streams.


I felt my playing was weak, with no focus: just noodling for hours without real objectives. With Guitar Hacks, I'm organized with lots of material to practice.

I saw the most improvement with alternate picking. I learned that I must organize my practice sessions to improve faster on the instrument.

I would like to see an ear training course from Kiko, that would be really appreciated!


I've been playing for a long time and never got to a level I wanted to be playing at. It took a long time to learn new songs and I couldn't play many solos by some of the great guitarists.

Guitar Hacks breaks things into smaller steps and different exercises to get things improving slowly. It is more dynamic then most other lessons and creates more confidence in playing.

I improved the most on scales and string skipping. I feel I'm getting better and still working towards more advanced playing.

I recommend Guitar Hacks because Kiko is a great master at playing and teaching. He has a way of making things seem simpler then they actually are and his calm, warm demeanor gets the student to be less frustrated and more inclined to improve. In the future, I'd love to see an in depth lesson on getting great tones for playing live and for recording.

About Kiko Loureiro

Kiko has played guitar for over 25 years and has performed all over the world. He started teaching when he was just 16, and has given lectures, seminars and clinics in over 50 countries. He is co-founder of the acclaimed Brazilian heavy metal band Angra and is currently the lead guitarist of the legendary band Megadeth with which he won the "Best Metal Performance" Grammy Award for the  song "Dystopia".

Kiko is also a very experienced teacher, and throughout his career has produced five different instructional videos. Lately he released seven online courses in Portuguese, transforming the playing and musicality of over 3000 students. 

Kiko has also been an instructor as part of guitar camps from renowned musicians including Allan Holdsworth, Paul Gilbert and in 2018 was part of the lineup of the G4 experience with Joe Satriani.



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