stop wasting time When practicing electric guitar in 3 Simple steps

Step #1: Avoid these top 3 mistakes that stunt every guitar player's progress

  1. 1
    Not having a structured and regular practice routine
  2. 2
    Lack of accurate metrics to measure progress over time
  3. 3
    Not paying attention to accuracy, playing too fast too soon

Step #2: Make adjustments and learn how to structure your practice routine

Step #3: Join a community of like minded guitar players and take an active role in your progress

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Practicing electric guitar

What our members are saying:

Awesome stuff! I really needed that, thanks a lot!

It’s actually one of the best arranged guitar sessions I’ve ever seen as I’m following you Kiko on Instagram and YouTube and i really feel so more confident while using your tips. Thanks for the great effort.

Yamama  //  Guitar Hacks Member

This material really helps me practice

Thanks for your effort, for providing such excellent material to people who want to improve every day, now that I have the opportunity to organize how I study I will make the most out of the time I have. I admire you like no other guitarist, greetings from Colombia.

Richard  //  Guitar Hacks Member

I will tattoo this on my arm...

Thank you for all your effort you put in all this to help us be better musicians every day Kiko, this material is definitely excellent… Turns out practicing electric guitar is not random.

Mikki  //  Guitar Hacks Member

I’d like to share the advanced training techniques I've developed while touring around the world as guitarist for Megadeth.

These techniques will work for you whether you've struggled to get past the initial hurdles of learning guitar, whether you've gotten discouraged and given up playing guitar, or even if you're just getting started.”

Kiko louReiro


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