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Guitar Hacks Spotlight: Arnaud Godefroy

In the Guitar Hackers Spotlight series, we get to know our fellow students. Each one of you has a story that deserves to be heard and we’re grateful to be a part of your guitar journey. Today, we get to know our friend, Arnaud Godefroy.

Tell us a little about yourself (where you’re from, favorite food, pets, etc.)

 Hi, my name is Arnaud Godefroy, I come from France from a small village near Paris. I love the peace and quiet, but also the good evenings of rock to metal concerts, meals with family and friends washed down with beer of course! I have a good old 12 year old Jack Russell whom I adore as well as an awesome wife and son.

My favorite food is French, but also Japanese or Moroccan :yum:

What made you decide to pick up guitar?

 it’s not complicated, I love the style (shape, colors, etc.) of the instrument, the technical and musical possibilities, but above all, the story that emerges from it.

Who are some of your favorite guitar players?

Complicated question, because there are so many that I like, both well-known and lesser-known. Let’s say: Andy Timmons, Neil Zaza, Marco Sfogli, Segey Golovin, Jacky Vincent, Slash, Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth), Zakk Wylde, Jason Backer, Georges Lynch, Kiko Loureiro and so many others!

What are you hoping to accomplish with your guitar playing?

I would like to be comfortable on the neck of my guitar (like everyone else I think haha). More precisely, to know how to clearly play different types of chords (with enrichments) on a harmonic progression. To improvise what I have in my head at the moment;  being melodic, rather than a simple succession of notes that doesn’t create emotion — for me and the listener!

Is there a particular technique or concept you struggle with most?

To complete what I said previously: to be able to flourish musically, I need to work on in addition to the rest are certain techniques like sweeping or even legato

How did you hear about Guitar Hacks?

I follow Kiko Loureiro on social networks, so I wanted to know more about this famous community. :grin:

You’re pretty active in the Guitar Hacks community. In what ways does having a community like this benefit you as a player?

 It’s interesting as a concept, because we can share about our difficulties, find answers, have refined exercises, or other exercises that take us out of our musical comfort zone. So we are clearly evolving, and we know that we can be helped if we wish. In addition, there is a nice atmosphere in this community.

What kind of content from Guitar Hacks would you like to see in the future?

It would be nice to have some application pieces to work on. I had also already submitted the idea of ​​making a collab video. It’s done a lot on YouTube, for example, with members of Guitar Hacks.

On a backing track we would post a solo of a few seconds, one after the other, to make a top video :smile:

If you like, tell us where we can see more of your stuff (social media, webpages, etc.)

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYYRm5HRrFdNNCdAr4QRn_w

Facebook :


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Arnaud Godefroy Guitar Hacks
Arnaud Godefroy
1 guitar techniques

Mixing Guitar Techniques or Running with the Bull

Hey, Kiko here,

I just wanted to share this new play through video, “Running with the Bull” from my latest album, Opensource. This song is particularly interesting for Guitar Hacks students as it has a mix of all techniques. Tapping, sweeping, legatos, tremolo bar and also of course, alternate picking.

Mixing all Guitar Techniques

The best way to incorporate any guitar techniques in your own songs and solos is to practice them until they become effortless and part of your own musical vocabulary.

That’s why we practice. So we can play whatever technique or guitar lick with so much confidence and little effort that it seems like we’ve been playing it forever.

This requires discipline of course, but also focus, intent and strategy. Picking a guitar and noodling around or playing the same riffs and licks over and over again will never lead to any level of mastery.

If you haven’t watched it already, you can learn more about my practicing discipline in my video “The Secret to Rapid Progress”. You will learn how I structure my practice time in 5 distinct phases and consistently work on improving my technique.

Guitar Techniques & Workout Strategy

Currently my technique focused online course is not accepting new students.

This is going to change soon as we will open up again for around 100 new students in the coming weeks. Leave your email address here to be notified first when it opens up again!

Don’t forget it’s not just about WHAT your practice but HOW you practice! Time is precious and once you’ve spent it you don’t get it back.

So spend your practicing time wisely!


4 lydian dream play-through

Flying in a Lydian Dream

Hey Kiko here! How are you?

Have you ever listened to the song “Flying in a  Blue Dream” by the legendary Joe Satriani? I think It’s one of his most iconic songs.

I’m a huge fan of Satch, especially his song, Flying in a Blue Dream. 

I never tried to learn it, but I do know the first two chords: A major and B major.

At the G4 Experience Guitar Camp, where I had the honor of teaching alongside Joe Satriani, he told the story behind the song: 

He was half awake and imagining he was flying. The song came out of this imaginary situation.

Satriani said, “I don’t know how to play it, but I can feel it … I’m able to imagine the ‘Blue Dream’.”

But there’s another thing I know: The Lydian mode

The Lydian mode is what Satriani, and many other composers, use to achieve that “Blue Dream” feeling. 

Listen to my “Vital Signs” Play Through, can you hear the Lydian?

Kiko’s Open Source “Vital Signs”  Play Through.

I thought it would be interesting to discuss the modes that I am using here

I start by using the Lydian mode. Peaceful, dreamy, relaxing, open and atmospheric — I think you get the idea.

Next, I switch to the Aeolian, which is minor and very melancholic. I play this in the same key as the Lydian, so it brings the melancholy together with the optimistic of the Lydian.

I play this over a solid drum and bass groove which gives the song a nice, steady vibe. It really captures the mood of both modes.

Every scale, every mode, gives us a specific feeling. 

If you master that, you can create your own solos, and compose songs that translate images, feelings, and ideas through your music.

Be a creator with the power to control and connect to the listeners through their emotions. 

Mastering modes is the best way to unlock creativity. This is possible for everyone and there is a step by step process. 

It’s time for you to decide if you want to be a creator or a play the same patterns over and over again.

Check out my 7 Factor  Online Guitar Course: From modes to music. Where  you will find my in depth process to master the Modes, Scales and Intervals on guitar.

Enrollment closes this Sunday, Aug.16th.

48 Guitar Modes

Join Unlock Moods and Modes on Guitar Lives!

Olá my friends!

Because of the current isolation, we don’t have the opportunity to meet face to face. That’s why I decided to bring us together with a series of free Youtube lives. It begins next Monday and I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a lot of fun! I guarantee this will NOT be a boring theory class!

Unlock Moods and Modes on Guitar Lives

Starting Monday, August 3 thru Thursday, August 6, I will be diving deep into the seven modes. Over the course of four, 3 hour live streams, I will show you how to apply all the feelings, images, moods and places each mode can represent.

You will learn effective ways to incorporate and connect each of the modes to open up new ways to express yourself.

Here’s the schedule:

Don’t forget to hit the set notification button to be alerted for each session.

Replays will only be available for 24 hours after streaming. You won’t want to miss this!

Guitar Modes, Who Is This For?

These live sessions are for anyone who feels stuck; playing the same patterns over and over, and those looking to unlock their creativity. This is for both beginning and advanced players who are looking to train their ear and express themselves better.

It’s all about feeling the music and really connecting with it.

I am looking forward to hanging out and talking music with all of you. Set the reminder right now.

By now you may have also heard that I’m also launching a new full course on modes very soon, stay tuned, I’ll have more on that later.

See you next week! In the meantime, stay safe out there.

— Kiko

33 Modes on Guitar

Who Else Wants to Master Modes on Guitar?

I hope everyone is having a great Summer! 

By far, the most requested topic I have been asked to cover is scales, improvisation and how to master modes on guitar. 

I’m just now putting the finishing touches on a whole new course on those topics!

The course is almost ready, put your email below to be notified first when it opens!

guitar hacks logo

Register To Guarantee Your Spot.

This new course on scales and modes will open in batches with limited spots. Register below and you will be notified first!

Scales and Modes on Guitar: The Most Requested Lesson

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback in our ongoing survey. As you can see in the chart below Modes (including scales) was the most requested lesson with more than a thousand votes in this survey:

Modes on Guitar
Results from Guitar Hacks’s ongoing “What lesson next?” survey

In the theory section of our survey, learning how to master modes on guitar got the most votes, followed by harmony and composition. Music theory, if approached in the right way, can open up a lot of new possibilities on the guitar.

There are some great topics to explore that fall under this category. Like the creative process, composition, how to stay motivated and tips for measuring progress.

I’m just now putting the finishing touches on this video lesson. So leave your email above and I will contact you when I’m ready to enroll the first batch of students.

About Guitar Hacks

Guitar Hacks is more than just a “guitar instruction” site. It’s a community. It’s interactive and evolving; I want to give you the best experience possible. We’re here because we want to become better players and get the skills to conquer whatever we’re struggling with.

That’s why your feedback is so important. Thanks Again!

Stay safe,

Top Guitar Players stay accountable and you should too!

Olà from the fastest growing community of guitar players!

When I created Guitar Hacks my goal was to provide guitar players with the tools needed to unlock their potential and become the best players they can be.

In addition to that, I wanted to create a community of people who are passionate about guitar and share a common desire to become great players. 

guitar hacks logo

I’m overwhelmed by how great the response has been since launching Guitar Hacks.

With over 7200 guitar players, three full student batches, and more than 1300 comments and replies, and we’re just getting started! 

An active community of guitar players

Being able to interact with other players of varying skill levels is extremely helpful. Our community gives us a way to hold each other accountable for the goals we’ve set.

Lack of accountability is the number one reason people fail, so this is a great resource in helping us achieve those goals.

Over the past few weeks, myself and a select group of students have been testing out a new community platform. It’s been a lot of fun and there is already some great content here! 

Now, I would like to welcome all of you to the Guitar Hackers Community Forum!

Here, students can hang out and discuss gear, other artists and practice techniques, or get help if they’re struggling with something. 

More importantly, the Hackers Community gives me a place to interact with all of you through the comments and we’ve even had some live zoom sessions with the most active members! It’s been great to see the progress you’re making. I especially enjoy the student Show and Tell videos — there’s a lot of great talent here! 

What are you waiting for? Click here and introduce yourself!

Happy shredding and see you in the forum!


8 Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Sebastián Caldas

Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Sebastián Caldas

In the Guitar Hackers Spotlight series, we get to know our fellow students. Each one of you has a fascinating story that deserves to be heard and we’re grateful to be a part of your guitar journey.

Sebastián Caldas

Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Sebastián Caldas

My name is Sebastián Caldas, I am a classical guitarist born in Uruguay, but lived most of my life in Sweden.

At 13 I started playing electric guitar and soon I came in contact with the music of Megadeth. A couple of years later, I started a band and played my own music; Black Sabbath, and Megadeth covers — the ones with less complicated solos :). 

Megadeth became my favourite band and I have always dreamt of playing some of their spectacular solos. I continued the classical guitar path and pursued a bachelor and master degree in that field. I did not have time to practice electric and I almost stopped playing for 15 years.

With Kiko Loureiro’s platform, I have found the structure, technique, and inspiration to take the electric guitar playing to the level I have always dreamed of.

It is truly a path to the foundations essential for playing the music I love. And not only that, directly from the source of the band I love.

Another great thing I discovered is that Kiko, in his solo work, is very open to a fusion of traditions, and that is one of my passions which I have tried to apply in my classical guitar career.

I hope you find the joy of learning that I have found at Guitar Hacks and that we all can grow together.


Sebastián Caldas
Listen to Sebastián on Spotify and on his Youtube Channel.

If you would like to be featured in the Guitar Hackers spotlight, please email us at support@guitarhacks.com

5 Guitar Hackers Spotlight Caroline Van Roos

Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Caroline Van Roos

Caroline Van Roos Peavey Guitar

Tell us a little about yourself (where you’re from, favorite food, pets, etc.)

Hello, I’m from France, I love chihuahuas and electric guitars!

What made you decide to pick up guitar? 

When I was a teenager I used to play guitar. My dream was to manage to play Angra songs and other bands that I loved. I was also a huge fan of the album No gravity. I stopped my progression because I started a band as a bass player, then another as pianist, singer … that’s why I stopped guitar.

Last year I decided to get my guitar back and allow myself time to realize my teenage dreams.

I also play folk music, write lots of songs, and cover lots of different music styles. I love music in general, I’m not very specialize in one type, it really depends on my mood.

Music is first of all a fantastic way to express ourselves and our sensibility.

Other than Kiko, who are some of your favorite guitar players?

Steve Vai, Malmsteen, John 5, John petrucci… Not very original haha! Also French players Patrick Rondat and Pascal Vigné.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your guitar playing? 

I want to manage to play what I have in my head without the barrier of technique! I wan’t to be proud of me and have fun.

What techniques or concepts do you struggle with most?

Tapping and using harmonics

How did you hear about Guitar Hacks? 

I’m following Kiko on social networks!

Have you interacted with the Guitar Hacks community? And do you feel having an active community of other guitar players is helpful?

Not yet but I think it’s great!

Do you have any concerns about the course? Or are there any improvements you would like to see?  

Maybe do something live with the other people on zoom, or something like that? Not with Kiko, but with the students so we can interact together with audio and video. Having other people’s opinion about our playing for example.

Anything you would like to say to Kiko? 

Thanks for everything you share to us, the way that you exalt the guitar. You are beautiful. You’re my very favorite guitar player ever!

You mentioned a unique approach you are going to take with the course.

I had this idea when I started kiko’s courses: I’m filming myself playing Guitar Hacks (not every day but every 2-3 days) for about 2 months with my camera, in order to show my evolution. If you are interested, I can send the link to you when it’ll be finish!

Youtube chanel : www.youtube.com/c/carolinevanroos
Instagram : @carolinevanroos
facebook www.facebook.com/carolinevanroos

24 Guitar Technique is confidence

How Guitar Technique builds Confidence

All the time and effort we put into becoming better guitar players should ultimately amount to one thing: freedom. By that, I mean the freedom to play anything we want in front of anybody — and do it with confidence. I want to express to you that effortless technique is actually what gives us that confidence.

Technique for the sake of it

When I first started, I was mainly concerned with guitar technique for the sake of it, playing fast, and nailing those difficult solos from my favorite players. However, after I became a professional musician playing for large crowds, or important people, and spending time in the studio, I realized something: Yes, it is about the speed and technique — all of that. But more importantly, it‘s about being confident. 

What is confidence?

That doesn’t mean you won’t get nervous. You might get nervous because you’re playing in a big venue, or playing in front of one of your heroes or a label showcase, every situation is different. Confidence means that you can be sure you are going to deliver in the best way, no matter what that situation is. 

The role of practice

That’s why we practice. So we can play whatever song or lick with so much confidence that it seems like we’ve been playing it forever. Practicing is not a competition for who is the most fast or technical. It’s about getting out there and playing with confidence! 

Guitar technique is not just about speed or flash, it’s about building confidence.

Technique is important, but not just for playing fast and showing off. Technique gives us the freedom to play anything we want with the confidence to perform in front of anybody. Whether it’s in front of thousands of people, your significant other, or by yourself, that confidence is how we are able to give our best performance. Every time. 

This is actually why I created Guitar Hacks and my complete workout strategy course. To help as many guitar players achieve the skills they need to be able to express themselves musically.

13 Guitar Hackers Spotlight Laura Bonini

Guitar Hackers Spotlight: Laura Bonini

Introducing the Guitar Hackers Spotlight: This is where we can get to know our fellow students. Each one of you has a fascinating story that deserves to be heard and we’re grateful to be a part of your guitar journey.

Laura Bonini

First, tell us a little about yourself (where you’re from, favorite food, pets, etc.)

I’m from Italy and live in Milan. I’m a graduate in Biology and work as a web programmer for an ebook distributor and I teach yoga in my spare time. My main passions are nature, yoga, and of course, music. Even if I’m not strictly vegetarian I’m mad about any kind of veggie food recipe. I have a female cat who loves when I plunk on my guitar, but gets bothered when I hit a wrong note!

What made you decide to pick up guitar?

I really love music (metal above all) and when I like a particular song, riff or solo, my first thought is, “What would I feel like if I could play it?”  That was the main reason. Honestly I’m a bit insecure, so I’ve never strived to become a musician, compose my own music, or play with other people. Now that I’m learning, I’m trying to improvise a little bit. Really basic stuff, of course, but it’s very fun for me. I’m surprised, only a few months ago I’d never thought this would be possible for me!

What are you hoping to accomplish with your guitar playing? 

Mainly to have fun, play the songs I love and let my feelings flow while playing.

What techniques or concepts do you struggle with most?

At the moment I really struggle with strumming and right hand technique in general.  

How did you hear about Guitar Hacks? 

Following Kiko on social media (youtube and Instagram).

You were hesitant about signing up at first, what changed your mind?

I was afraid Guitar Hacks was aimed only at experienced guitar players, but glanced at a few lessons and I noticed Kiko always begins with really basic exercises, even for more complex techniques. So if this approach is useful for advanced guitarists, I think it can help me set up a good solid technique from the beginning.

Have you interacted with the Guitar Hacks community? And do you feel having an active community of other guitar players is helpful?

I’m a very new subscriber and I have’t got the opportunity to write a comment yet, but I like to read questions and answers by other members and Kiko himself. They’re really useful and make me feel more comfortable in my guitar journey. Because I see everyone, even experienced guitar players, struggle with something and receive advice from others.

Do you have any concerns about the course? Or are there any improvements you would like to see?  

As a beginner, I know I can use only a few lessons right now, but I’ll take my time and I think this course will guide me for a long time.

Anything you would like to say to Kiko?

I’d like to thank him, for having a course in English. Also, for all the awesome material he shares generously on his youtube channel (that’s how I have known him to be a great teacher, in addition to an amazing musician.) His lessons on techniques, songs, and licks are really important and unique, both for guitar players and music lovers in general.

If you would like to be featured in the Guitar Hackers Spotlight, please email us at support@guitarhacks.com

Learn more about Kiko’s complete guitar workout Strategy.